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How To Find Dragons In Skyrim

Updated on January 22, 2013

The ancient prophecy is true - the dragons are returning back to Skyrim. A variety of dragons ranging from lesser to huge and ferocious Ancient dragons are constantly attacking the lands of Skyrim. How dangerous are they? How to kill one? And what if killing one dragon alone is not enough? What if your hero wants to face a whole battallion of dragons? Take a deep breath, and read on for you will know in the end of this hub how to be the master of dragons in Skyrim.

Where To Find Dragons In Skyrim?

In order to challenge your first dragon in Skyrim you have to proceed with the main questline. After completing quests Unbound, Before the Storm and Bleak Falls Barrow (you get this one when you talk with the court wizard in Whiterun after talking with the Jarl) you get a quest Dragon Rising which leads you to slay your first dragon. Don't worry, there will be soldiers that will help you to kill it.

A Map Of Dragon Burial Ground Locations In Skyrim.
A Map Of Dragon Burial Ground Locations In Skyrim.

After completing this quest you might occasionally meet some dragons while wondering. These random ones will always be approximately your level until level 50. They seem to appear quite often but if you really, really have to kill a dragon right now (because you have an itch to get some dragon scales for your shiny new dragon armor) then there are some places in Skyrim where you can find dragons. The best one would be one of the dragon lairs which appear as dragon heads on your compass.

Fighting A Dragon In Skyrim.
Fighting A Dragon In Skyrim.
A Dragon Skeleton.
A Dragon Skeleton.

Killing Dragons In Skyrim

If you see a dragon flying close more often than not it is interested to fight you. Don't you worry much because killing a dragon even on harder difficulty settings are rarely challenging for a character that is built to engage in combats (the crafter and thief characters might have some difficulties).

The worst attack a dragon can perform is it's breath which is a magical damage so magical resistance gear and potions might come in handy. Occasionally one might need a healing potion or a healing spell. Remember the escape from Helgen where you were told to stick to the wall? That's a good advice because although dragon breath attacks are powerful, they can't go through obstacles. Sometimes I have saved my characters by hiding behind a wall or under the bridges to cast a healing spell. The first part of the fight happens on air. I don't have a mage character but as far as I have read they have little difficulties with dealing with dragons. My archer is doing fine but it takes loads of shots and usually sneak attacks are hard to perform because of all the alert NPCs close to you. I had some troubles with my warrior character. It took ages till the dragon would land and my character was running & healing & occasionally flame shouting just to do some damage. And when the dragon finally landed it took like 1-2hits and died. Very disappointing. It becomes very easy later in the main quest line when you get the Dragonrend shout which forces the dragon to land.

When you defeat a dragon, you can absorb its soul power. You need these dragon souls to unlock and improve your Dragon shouts. Killing dragons is also the only source to get dragon scales and dragon bones which are the materials for crafting Dragonscale and Dragonplate armor.

Different Types Of Dragons In Skyrim

There are different types of dragons you might face while playing Skyrim. They are a different in appearance and power. Besides the dragons on the table bellow there are also skeletal dragons which don't have flesh and scales at all and are made entirely from bones. They can't fly and they possess no soul so one can't absorb it after killing a skeletal dragon. Skeletal dragons are usually found in caves and underground dungeons in Skyrim due to their undead nature.

Dragon Stats and Abilities

Click to view full size. Dragon Loot is Dragon Bones, Dragon Scales and a chance to get Gold, Gems and Equipment.
Click to view full size. Dragon Loot is Dragon Bones, Dragon Scales and a chance to get Gold, Gems and Equipment.
Warning: spawning too many dragons might cause Skyrim to crash. :P
Warning: spawning too many dragons might cause Skyrim to crash. :P

How To Spawn Unlimited Dragons In Skyrim

So, you're a dragon killing pro now. Dragons aren't that much of a challenge anymore. Really? How about fighting three dragons at once? How about fighting a dozen of dragons?

It is possible to summon unlimited amount of dragons by using console commands.
Bring up the console in game by hitting the tilde button '~' and type: player.placeatme 000FEA9B
This will make a suicidal dragon appear. If you paste the command once more, the other one appears. You can summon as much as you wish. Good luck in surviving a dozen of Elder dragons.

In case you want to call upon a dragon army purely for aesthetic purposes (and it is damn cool to see them roaming in the sky), then it's vital that your character stays alive. It is possible if you play the game in the godlike mode. You can access the mode by typing the command 'tgm' in the console panel.

Thank you for reading & enjoy the epic view of dragon hordes!


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    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 3 years ago from Australia

      Nothing beats hunting for Dragons in Skyrim!

    • profile image

      elderdragon 4 years ago

      When you are level 36 or 37 you get the elderdragon enemy go to folkreath and sometimes two fight you

    • GlstngRosePetals profile image

      GlstngRosePetals 5 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know

      Thank you so much for the info and stats now hubby can spend more time at the danm computer lol :0) Voted up!! Oh yea referal to hope it helps bring some $$ for all your efforts.