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Dragons World Breeding Guide: Perks, Tips and More!

Updated on April 8, 2014
Dragons World Breeding Guide
Dragons World Breeding Guide | Source

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Dragons World Introduction

Dragons World is a fun breeding game released on the iOs and Android platform. It is quite similar to Dragon City, but with a few noticeable features.

Dragons World has a few options called perks for dragons every 3 levels. You can choose some of the following options:

  • + Level - Increases the dragon's level without feeding (+1 level per perk)
  • + %Satisfaction - Decreases the amount of food required to feed the dragon by 5% per perk (up to 25% total)
  • + %Chance of a rare dragon - Increases the chances of breeding a rare dragon by 5% per perk (up to 25% total)
  • + %Breeding speed - Increases breeding speed by 5% per perk (up to 25% total) when breeding with the dragon
  • + %Gold - Increases the speed at which the dragon earns gold by 5% per perk (up to 25% total)
  • + %Clearing Speed - Increases the speed to clear an obstacle by 5% per perk (up to 25% total) when using the dragon
  • + #Essences - Increases the number of essences by 1 per perk (up to 3 max) received when exchanging a dragon
  • + %Speed of Evolution - Decreases evolution time by 5% per perk (up to 15% total) when evolving the dragon
  • Cancellation of the negative effect of the amplifier - Cancels the negative effect of the opposing elemental amplifiers
  • + %Chance to double essences - Increases the chance to double the number of essences gained when exchanging a dragon by 5%
  • + %Gold from dragons - Increases the speed at which gold can be earned from other dragons in the habitat by 3% per perk.
  • + %Habitat capacity - Increases the maximum amount of gold that can be stored in a habitat by 5% per perk

As you can see, there are different options you can choose for leveling your dragons. You can choose 1 option every 3 levels. I personally like to use +%Chance of rare dragon because it will give me a much better chance to get the rare hybrids that are much harder to breed.

Dragon Elements

There are 5 basic elements and 3 special elements in Dragons World. The basic elements are:

  1. Fire
  2. Earth
  3. Nature
  4. Water
  5. Air

Special elements

  1. Magic
  2. Light
  3. Twilight

There are also opposite elements, where you cannot use the basic dragons of each element and breed them together with each other. They are:

  1. Fire and Water
  2. Earth and Air
  3. Nature and Magic
  4. Light and Twilight

If you wanted to breed opposite element dragons, you will need to use a hybrid dragon and a basic element.

Elements | Source

Dragons World Breeding List

Below is the list to breed all the different dragons in the game.

Fire Hybrids

Fire + Earth = Lava
Fire + Nature = Spring/Tropical/Flower
Fire + Air = Phoenix
Fire + Magic = Magic Fire
Fire + Light = Sun
Fire + Twilight = Ash

Earth Hybrids

Earth + Fire = Lava
Earth + Nature = Fruit/Grass
Earth + Water = River/Tortoise
Earth + Magic = Crystal
Earth + Light = Diamond
Earth + Twilight = Sapphire/Scorched

Nature Hybrids

Nature + Fire = Spring/Tropical/Flower
Nature + Earth = Grass/Fruit
Nature + Water = Coral/Water Lily
Nature + Air = Butterfly/Dandelion
Nature + Light = Petal
Nature + Twilight = Mushroom

Water Hybrids

Water + Earth = River/Tortoise
Water + Nature = Coral/Water Lily
Water + Air = Snow
Water + Magic = Pearl
Water + Light = Rainbow/Seaweed
Water + Twilight = Sea

Air Hybrids

Air + Fire = Phoenix
Air + Nature = Butterfly/Dandelion
Air + Water = Snow
Air + Magic = Gryphon/Wind
Air + Light = Lightening
Air + Twilight = Night

Magic Hybrids

Magic + Fire = Magic Fire
Magic + Earth = Crystal
Magic + Water = Pearl
Magic + Air = Gryphon/Wind
Magic + Light = Fairy/Light Magic
Magic + Twilight = Black Magic

Light Hybrids

Light + Fire = Sun
Light + Earth = Diamond
Light + Nature = Petal
Light + Water = Rainbow/Seaweed
Light + Air = Lightning
Light + Magic = Light Magic/Fairy

Twilight Hybrids

Twilight + Fire = Ash
Twilight + Earth = Sapphire/Scorched
Twilight + Nature = Mushroom
Twilight + Water = Sea
Twilight + Air = Night
Twilight + Magic = Black Magic

Triple Element Dragons

Here are the rare dragons and has 3 elements.

Fire + Earth + Nature = Predatory

Fire + Earth + Water = Ferocious

Fire + Nature + Air = Agile

Fire + Earth + Air = Desert

Fire + Earth + Air = Star Stone

Fire + Water + Air = Chinese

Fire + Earth + Magic = Obsidian

Earth + Nature + Water = Tectonic/Swamp

Earth + Water + Nature = Coastal

Earth + Nature + Light = Herbivore

Earth + Nature + Twilight = Gorge

Earth + Water + Twilight = Deep-Sea

Nature + Water + Magic = Lake

Air + Magic + Light = Gladiator


I have not yet figured out how to get the Legend dragons yet, so I will definitely keep you guys updated once I am able to get more information. Also feel free to let me know of any mistakes that I might have made for the breeding combinations!!


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      3 years ago

      Cool tips. Thanks


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