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Dragons of Atlantis Anthropus Talisman Farming

Updated on March 13, 2012

Anthropus talismans can be found in Dragons of Atlantis by attacking level 1 and higher Anthropus camps and defeating them. For every 500 Anthropus that you kill, you receive 1 Anthropus talisman. For the talismans to drop, you need to include either your Great Dragon or an Elemental Dragon in your attack. You will need to farm 100,000 Anthropus talismans to create your Spectral Ruins and be able to summon a Wraith Dragon, which is the most powerful of the Great Dragons. This guide will teach you what you need to do to effectively farm 100,000 Anthropus talismans.


The only prerequisites that are required to start farming for your 100,000 talismans are that you have enough troops to defeat a level 5 anthropus camp and you have found all four pieces of your Great Dragon Armor. If you haven't found your Great Dragon Armor, follow the link to read my guide on how to do so.

The fastest way to farm for your 100,000 talismans is by being able to send out multiple attacks at once. You can do this by building up your empire and finding armor for your Water Dragon, Stone Dragon, Fire Dragon, and Wind Dragon. Also, having a large number of troops (I prefer Longbowmen) at your disposal will allow you to attack higher level camps and get larger returns on each attack.

For this guide, I suggest that you have at least three of your Dragons armored and that you have around 100K Longbowmen. If you have at least three of your Outposts createad and training, it won't take long for you to reach that number of LBM.

Start Early and Multi-Task!

Once you find all of your Great Dragon Armor, start sending your Great Dragon on as many attacks as you can. Even if you are just farming for food or resources from camps and wildernesses, you will start accumulating talismans.

How Many Troops Do I Attack With?

Anthropus Camp Level
Anthropus Talismans Dropped
Number of Longbowmen and Armored Transports to Defeat with No Losses
5000 + 200 AT
10000 + 200 AT
15000 + 500 AT
45000 +1K AT
65000 + 4K AT
90000 + 9999 AT

Find Other Items

While farming for your talismans, you can also come across several other useful items.

Level 1-4 camps: Speed up items like Blink, Hop, and Skip.

Level 7+ camps: Items to train Fangtooth, Granite Ogre, Lavajaw, and Banshees.

Efficient Farming

***For purposes of this guide, I will be using the example of having enough troops to farm level 7 and 8 Anthropus camps with up to 4 Dragons.

Like many other farming strategies in Dragons of Atlantis, sending out waves of attacks is the best way to efficiently farm Anthropus talismans. Follow the steps below and you will have your 100,000 talismans in no time.

  1. Locate all level 7-8 anthropus camps near your city.
  2. Send the appropriate attack (based on numbers in the table to the right) to the closest camp and include your Great Dragon or an Elemental Dragon.
  3. Repeat step two until all of your Dragons are on the march.
  4. When your marches return, send out another attack to a fresh anthropus camp. This allows the anthropus that you just defeated to respawn. A full respawn is supposed to take 50 minutes, but lately there have been bugs and glitches with respawn times, making them respawn more quickly.
  5. Repeat step 4. There are generally enough camps around to build up a rotation, so by the time you hit 3 or 4 different groups of camps you can go back to the beginning.

Good Luck!

It's a long process when you first start out, but once you have enough troops and Dragons to hit level 7 and higher camps, the talismans start piling up quickly. Check out my other Dragons of Atlantis guides and also visit my blog if you are interested in learning more about this great game. Good luck and happy farming!

Level 6 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 6 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 7 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 7 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 8 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 8 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 9 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 9 Anthropus Camp Loot

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