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Dragons of Atlantis - Get a Completion Grant for Free

Updated on March 13, 2012

In Dragons of Atlantis, a completion grant is required to upgrade a building to level 10. This is most important for your training camps, as you have to have a level 10 training camp to train Fangtooths and Granite Ogres from your Outposts. The only way to get a completion grant without paying in Facebook credits is by winning it in the Fortuna's Chance game. You get one ticket to play Fortuna's Chance per day and the tickets do not accumulate, so you have to log in once a day to use your ticket. The first time that you log in for the day, the Fortuna's Chance screen comes up with 12 random items. If you do not see a completion grant as one of the items, exit from the game and come back to see a brand new set of 12 items. Do this until you see a completion grant and then you will have a 1/12 chance of getting your completion grant.

Why You Need a Completion Grant

The game only lets you upgrade your buildings to level 9 for free, but requires you to have level 10 buildings to unlock certain aspects of the game. Training camps are the most important building to use your completion grant on, because they allow you to train powerful soldiers to use in your army as you expand your empire and your power. If you upgrade a training camp in your Water Outpost to level 10, you will be able to train Fangtooth soldiers, which are a powerful offensive weapon. If you upgrade a training camp in your Stone Outpost to level 10, you can train Granite Ogres, which are very strong defensive soldiers. You can also build Fire Mirrors once you have a training camp to level 10 in any of your Outposts or your City.

When you get lucky enough to win a completion grant, use it wisely and unlock these other fun aspects of the game!


Don't bother upgrading your training camps in your City to level 10 as once you have a level 10 training camp in one of your Outposts, you can build Fire Mirrors from either Outpost as well as the special troop for the Outpost.


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    • profile image

      hi 4 years ago

      i use 100.000LBM and great/water/stone/fire/ice dragons

    • profile image

      wassssssss 5 years ago


    • profile image

      digz~ 5 years ago

      i take out lvl 10's with 140 lbm's + a dragon

    • profile image

      preddy 5 years ago


    • profile image

      sue 5 years ago

      completion porfolios are only available from fortunas cauldren not fortuna's chance - also they maybe available for only a limited time.

    • profile image

      reza pahlepi 5 years ago from indonesia

      hey can you share to me about your game server?

    • profile image

      sfsrhsghsd 5 years ago

      wouldn't it be better to look for a completion porfolio and 1/12 chance for 5 completion grants?

    • profile image

      bukotoy 5 years ago

      i don't see any walktrough

    • profile image

      add me on facebook Melvin B. custodio for more information 5 years ago

      yes but you need to support it with 500 At and 850 porters..............

    • profile image

      Anthony 5 years ago

      Will 30,000 ssd's kill 60,000 lbm's?

    • profile image

      daniel 6 years ago

      I want to have 28 portfolio and get 500k rubies

    • profile image

      Ryan 6 years ago

      Forgot to add one important thing:

      * WARNING: Bowmen should ALWAYS be properly supported and should not be sent against Anthropus unless attacking low level territories or when accompanying Fangtooths. Using Bowmen without FTs vs Anthropus can result in unexpected or total loss.

    • profile image

      Ryan 6 years ago

      Troops to defeat Wilds by level: (actual troops counts may vary depending on Research levels)

      Level 1} 50 SSD; or 25 BD; or 5 FT with 1 LBM; or 50 Hals, Minos, and/or LBMs*

      Level 2} 100 SSD; or 50 BD; or 15 FT with 1 LBM; or 50 Minos with 50 LBMs*

      Level 3} 200 SSD; or 100 BD; or 75 FT with 1 LBM; or 100 Minos with 50 LBMs*

      Level 4} 500 SSD; or 250 BD; or 150 FT with 1 LBM; or 200 Minos with 100 LBMs*

      Level 5} 1200 SSD; or 500 BD; or 300 FT with 1 LBM; or 500 Minos with 200 LBMs*

      Level 6} 2400 SSD; or 900 BD; or 500 FT with 1 LBM

      Level 7} 3200 SSD; or 1500 BD; or 1000 FT with 1 LBM

      Level 8} 5000 SSD; or 3000 BD; or 2000 FT with 1 LBM

      Level 9} 12k SSD; or 6000 BD; or 4000 FT with 1 LBM

      Level 10} 20k SSD; or 10k BD; or 6000 FT with 1 LBM

    • Jun Kit Lim profile image

      Jun Kit Lim 6 years ago

      When can I know,i can attack lvl 7 lake