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Dragons of Atlantis - How to get a free Epic General

Updated on January 21, 2015

Dragons of Atlantis Epic Genera;

Epic General in Dragons of Atlantis
Epic General in Dragons of Atlantis | Source

Dragons of Atlantis free epic general

In Dragons of Atlantis Heirs of the Dragon your general has a huge impact on the game. The special abilities and the health , defense and attack bonus from the general makes a huge difference especially in the early parts of the games. Getting a free epic general in Dragons of Atlantis Heirs of the Dragon will make you extremely powerful compared to other players who don't have one.

I came up with this strategy a few months ago and have tried it several times on several servers. It works best when done on a new server where there are not a lot of players with high power. I look for a new English server and start there if it is under a few days old. You can tell this by looking on the tournament tab and click the power tab. If several people are 100k or more than you know the server is at least a few days old.

The reason this strategy works is because there is a way to roll three free generals at the start of the game that have a chance of becoming an epic general. Each of these rolls has about a 1/30 chance of rolling as epic. So you will on average need to do this strategy 10 times to get an epic.

First you need to start on a new server with a new account. On an Android device you need to clear the app data. This can vary with each device so I'll let you research how to do it. After you have cleared the data, restart Dragons of Atlantis Heirs of the Dragon. The game will start you off with a short tutorial. Skip through it as quickly as possible. This will take about 1 to 1.5 minutes. Once completed click the button to change servers. Chose the server you want to play on. Once you have started the new server go to the Officer's Quarter. This will force you to do a short tutorial on generals. This should take 30 to 45 seconds. Once it is complete exit out of the Officer's Quarter and go to your quest. You will have about 5 quest completed. The rewards for three of these quest are silver recruiting tokens. Now return to the Officer's Quarters. Use the three silver recruiting tokens to recruit three generals. Each try has about a 1/30 chance so trying three times you have about a 1/10 chance of getting an epic. If none of the three tries ends up with an epic roll, you will exit the Officer's Quarters and go to the account page. Click on create Kabam account. Use any fake email you want and give it a password. This will associate the data from your current game to an account. Now exit Dragons of Atlantis and clear the data. Repeat the process until you have your epic general. There is a very small chance of getting a legendary general as well but the odds are so low I can't even tell you what it would be. I got about 20 epic generals without getting a legendary.

Why is getting an epic general important?

There are several main reasons that it is important to get an epic general as fast as possible. The first and most obvious is so that you can immediately start in the arena. To play in the arena you need level 10. Getting an epic general will automatically get you to level 10 or higher. It will take most users a day or two to get level 10 and start the arena. With an epic general you can win all 10 of your first fights giving you 100 arena points. You can use 90 of them to get three sets of 50 Battle Dragons. This gives you a total of 150 Battle Dragons within 10 minutes of starting the new server. Plus if your on a new server you will likely be near the top ranking and possibly get an arena award of 100-300 bonus points. Other players will be a few days behind you on getting Battle Dragons.

The second main reason for getting an epic general is so that you can win the arena battles easier. A user with an epic general and a few battle dragons can win against players with rare generals and a much larger set of troops. The bonus health and attack make a huge difference.

Another Epic General
Another Epic General | Source

Video tutorial how to get free epic general in Dragons of Atlantis.


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