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Dragons of Atlantis Items

Updated on March 13, 2012

Dragons of Atlantis is a Facebook empire building game where you build up your city and army to conquer land, join alliances, and wage war on other alliances. This guide will help you understand the extra Dragons of Atlantis items that will help you on your way to building an unstoppable empire!

Fortuna's Chance

Fortuna's Chance is a random "spin" that you get once a day for logging in to Dragons of Atlantis that will give you a random item.  Some quests or mystery boxes also contain extra spins on Fortuna's Chance to help you on your way to dominating Dragons of Atlantis.

Buying Rubies

In Dragons of Atlantis, like many Facebook games, you have the option of spending real money to cut out some of the boring and tedious work of farming for items and can quickly jump to the top of the food chain.  Most of the items in Dragons of Atlantis are available through question, gifting, and farming, but if you'd like to skip those steps, all you have to do is pull out your credit card.  Below is the pricing structure for buying rubies. 

Speed Up Items

Speed up items are in the game to help you build your city and forces more quickly. Each speed up item knocks off a certain amount of time from the construction, research, or training time that is required to build, research, or train your troops. You can purchase these items with rubies (like Farmville cash or Facebook credits that you purchase with real money) or you can find the items in mystery boxes, earn them by completing quests, or obtain them through Fortuna's Chance.

I like to use these items to shorten times on large upgrades when I log in for the first time in a few hours or for the day.  That way I have plenty of resources to utilize and I can get a couple quick upgrades in and my timers rolling on a 2nd upgrade in very little time.

Production Items

In Dragons of Atlantis, production items or production nanos all you to passively increase your cities production of resources for either 24 hours or for a week. These items can be obtained by purchasing them from the shop for rubies, found when farming camps and wildernesses, by completing quests, and also from chests. These items are especially helpful when you are starting out as you will be constantly building and requiring more resources. They aren't as important later in the game when you can just go farm an Anthropus camp and get a million food, but they definitely don't hurt.

Nano Collectors are a new item in the game and they allow you to automatically transfer your resources from your outpost to your city for the duration of the item.  These are very useful as it allows you to protect your resources in your city rather than having to split your troops between your outpost and your city. 

Another useful production item is the Double Tax Writ.  This allows you to double your income from your population for 24 hours or 7 days.

General Items

General items in Dragons of Atlantis are there to help you during the fun part of the game...war. Items like a Dragons Heart, Crimson Bull, Purple Bones, and Glowing Shields are boosts to your troops attack and defense and your dragon's attack and defense. Use these items when you know you'll be attacking and defending a lot during a 24 hour period. Sometimes you can even surprise the players who are attacking you into thinking that you are weaker than you are by applying one of these items and then decimating their forces.

A Water Dragon Egg is a very important item in the game and can be found by farming level 7 or higher Lakes. You need a water dragon egg to start your outpost, which is like having a second city. Check out my Water Dragon Egg guide here.

Dark Warp Device and Outpost Warp items allow you to move the position of your city and outpost to a random location. Sometimes you just get a bad draw and are around a bunch of bullies who have much larger armies than you. If this is the case, just use one of these items to retreat to another location (but write down the coordinates of the bullies so you can go back and hit them when you are strong enough!).

Completion grants are important to the game because you need one to build a building to level 10. These can be found by farming, through quests, bought for rubies, and in chests. On Mother's Day 2011, Dragons of Atlantis staff gave every player one as a gift.

A Cease Fire Treaty is just what it sounds like, if you use one your enemies won't be able to attack you for the duration (12 hours). This is handy if you want to rebuild after an attack or have recently lost a bunch of troops.

You can also buy a Pseudonym Grant to change your avatars name or a Rename Proclamation to rename your city. As far as I know, these can only be purchased for rubies.

Great Dragon Armor and Water Dragon Armor

Great Dragon Armor can be obtain in two ways. You can purchase it for 275 rubies (which would cost you approximately $50 with a few rubies left over) or you can farm it from level 5 and above Anthropus camps. Your Great Dragon Armor allows you to attack with your Great Dragon, which is a big advantage when at war.

Check out my guide to farming your Great Dragon Armor here.

Water Dragon Armor

Once you have obtained a Water Dragon Egg and created your outpost, your Water Dragon Armor can be farmed in the same way as your Great Dragon Armor. It is also available for 300 rubies (which will cost you about another $50).  A complete set of Water Dragon Armor allows you to attack with your Water Dragon.

Read my guide to farming for your Water Dragon Armor here.

New Items

As with most Facebook strategy games, new items are released all the time so the best way to stay up on the items is to log in and play the game. Checking the Shop is a great way to see what else is going on in the game and to get an edge on your opponents (and also help your alliance!). Check out my other Dragons of Atlantis Hubs for some more tips, tricks, and guides to dominating your realm!


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    • profile image

      Iron Giant 5 years ago

      Do you have a guide on wind armor?

    • profile image

      Ash 5 years ago

      Bored of it already and not out of protection yet - so not because I'm being farmed. The game is full of people who use rubies to buy their way to the top, and experts who get to high power extremely fast and seem to trample all the new inexperienced players as soon as poss. Maybe it would be better to have relms based on experience of the players! That way all the noobs could have a chance at having a good game, and the pros get more of a challenge than farming all the noobs! Everyone wins then, and it's much fairer experience wise.

    • profile image

      Lady Wolfington 5 years ago

      I agree with Doc Roberts and 1337MEH1 We all get farmed at some point and the aim of the game is to win so when you need wood or ore you go out and get it from other players, it's nothing personal. You do what you need to do to get what you want..

    • profile image

      Knows A Guy 5 years ago

      I see someone selling a high level DoA account on ebay

    • profile image

      1337MEH1 6 years ago

      I'm a power player. When I first started I got farmed over and over.Yes it was annoying but I eventually I got over it. Toughen up. It's a friggin game. I am now twice as strong as the person who farmed me. Also its war, you fight to win. Hurr Durr.

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      I must agree with the negative comments......what is the point of stepping on a fly? These power players are wimps, if not they would attack people of equal power. Next, what is the point anyways then. Sometimes one of these tools will attack me with 12000 fang and 65000 bd? Really for less than 5000 gold? Seems like a waste of time and there must be better targets? Just loser wannabe's who have no real lives I guess. And yeah you would have to be a moron to buy a single rubbi....don't think so check out LoU or DDO and compare what you get for your hard earned money, the rubies are a true rip off and designing the game to be painfully slow if you don't buy them. And last I would not bother with an alliance as the strong ones will not take new players and the ones that will won't/can't protect you when the tools decide to attack. I am only writing this in hopes that some of the tools wake up and be like hey maybe I would like to have some courage and attack someone worth attacking. But chances are they will not they don't want a fair fight they just want to dominate something or someone the same way they are dominated by people like me in real life. So in conclusion feel sorry for them for they are the real losers. Every time some power tool attacks you write back and tell them how big of a tool they are. You may not be able to stop them or beat them, but you can remind them how wimpy they truly are. What can you do if these folks get off stepping on flys....some people's children.

    • profile image

      Aaron D Roberts 6 years ago

      I would like to Comment on the first post by *dfffg* I thiink his problem is that HE is the REDNECK loser. I think this "person" did not understand the game so instead of educating himself he he decided to go the IGNORANT path. I am 37 years old, I am well educated (as a Doc you kind of have to be) I am not over wgt. nor am I a redneck who lives with MOM.

      The individual that posted that judgmental comment must be referring to himself, You project what you do not like about yourself onto others...But he/she would not know that since that person is OBVIOUSLY uneducated! The game is HARD which makes it more fun and more challenging...but some people do not like to play a game were they have to think, plan, and calculate everything you do. Also I would like to point out that this game is a BETA game...which means that it is a work in progress.

    • profile image

      Sammy 6 years ago

      Ahaha lol at the prices of the rubies. Insane. And god, ty all that play this POS for ruining the game market, damn casual noobs.

    • PBody5205 profile image

      PBody5205 6 years ago

      Once you are getting farmed, you can use a Dark Warp Device to move your city to a different location. This will allow you to build in peace and hopefully catch up to the people who were farming you :)

    • profile image

      Shaka 6 years ago

      The person who started this posting is absolutely correct, i am also being farmed, which i don't mind, what i do mind is it is by people who have 5 times or sometimes 10 times the amount power points i have. In farming some one who is at 90k in power and they are at 700k or a mill, what use do you get by driving players off the game? These are game bullies and no it is not about whining it is about wanting to play but being stopped at every turn buy cowards who are to afraid of attacking people close to their level or at their level. If they truly want a challenge then just maybe they should try attacking people who can actually give one.

    • profile image

      Jazine 6 years ago

      How do I change the avatar?

    • profile image

      ASDF 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Laters.. 6 years ago

      I love this game a fun..i have all the 6 dragons with the wraith..its fun!! Its fun if you have a lot of troops..if you're just a low level..then it must be hard. :P...the alliance i joined is very cheerful not sad like yours..cause..we have power not drool like yours..(the comment at the very top)

    • profile image

      Shell 6 years ago

    • profile image

      trish 6 years ago

      i love the game just wish there was somwere i could read up on the raith dragon

    • profile image

      sd 6 years ago

      it s a scam don't buy rubies it can malfunction and you report it they don't give you your rubies say its a computer bug even facebook they don't help cause they get money from the game to royalties for having game on facebook.

    • profile image

      FemmeFatale 6 years ago

      Yea he is a sore loser that got owned. lol

    • PBody5205 profile image

      PBody5205 6 years ago

      They come out with new realms as population of the current realms fills up.

    • profile image

      hey 6 years ago

      can u make a new realm if u can can u tell me please

    • profile image

      meeeeeeee 6 years ago

      i got all dragon armour lol for all dragons without bying any of it i don't have the new dragon yet not enough talismans

    • profile image

      Innes 6 years ago

      lol...bitter or what?'s just a game lad...get a grip lol. Sounds like to me you are just a poor loser.

    • profile image

      Jobless Angel 6 years ago

      i spend 2200 ponds on this game and you say it's's a awesome game.

    • profile image

      angel 6 years ago

      dfffg please don't say that i think you cant be even a lvl 10 couse youu are so low man

    • profile image

      general zero 6 years ago

      i have to say, this is a good posting, to few details, i think in all honesty kabam should make a guid on what all research and what any items do, every game has it. if they want money they need fix gliches.

    • profile image

      Brakk 6 years ago

      Wow that first comment must have came from someone who got farmed hard by someone. He must play the game still or else why would he be here to comment.. Anyway you did a great job please keep adding to it.

    • profile image

      steven 6 years ago

      damn you are awesome man..

      i really thanks for what you did right here..

      keep posting my man,,i will keep introduce your web to my friends..

    • profile image

      jun kit 6 years ago

      No,but y u say that.

    • profile image

      dfffg 6 years ago

      the game is too slow, only people with no life play it for a long time, i have just given up after 1.5 months of playing it, it just takes forever to build stuff and forever to get completion grants etc, i cant be bothered with it, its a waste of life/time.

      The people who play it are also very low IQ, geeks, nerds trying to be hard on the internet threatening to farm people, jesus, no one cares. my realm is almost at saturation now, very few people are few active except the geeks trying to be hard with 3m+ power, i didn't how sad these people were until i joined an alliance, then i could see what these people looked like, they are down and outs jobless, redneck obese inbred hicks from the south, stay at home moms etc, oh man.....i'm outta here! don't play this game!


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