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Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air is Big Fish Games' “Catch of the Week” for March 28 through April 3

Updated on May 7, 2015

Dream Chronicles: Book of Air is another game in the super popular hidden object genre. In Dream Chronicles: Book of Air, a girl named Lyra is transported to another realm, and must find her way back to home. It turns out that Lyra is a "chosen child" who must save the realm. Dream Chronicles: Book of Air is the first of three games in an upcoming trilogy. As with all their games, Big Fish Games offers an hour demo, so you can see if the game captures your interest. If you purchase during the week of March 28 and April 3, you can get the full version of the game for only $2.99

While the puzzles present an entertaining challenge, the included strategy guide is there to help when you're completely stumped. Dream Chronicles is available on both PC and Mac.

As mentioned before, Book of Air is the first game in an upcoming trilogy. Fans of the game may know that a previous trilogy of Dream Chronicles games began in 2007. The games were based on the story of a woman named Faye. This new set of games tells the story of Faye's daughter.


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