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Dress Up Game Ideas for Girls

Updated on June 25, 2013

Dressing up is a great way for girls to practice and pretend being an adult. There are many ways to play dress up. Dress up play encourages creativity and learning in girls.

Paper Dolls

Paper dolls are a good alternative for girls that do not have access to dress up clothes or limited space. Paper dolls can be purchased or handmade. Most purchased paper dolls come with paper clothing that needs to be cut out. The clothes are made with tabs that can be bent and affixed to the paper doll. Girls can get very creative when making paper dolls and clothes. Using fabric to add creativity to the clothing that they make. There are many variations in both purchased and handmade paper dolls and clothing.

Make Over

Make over games involve make up, hairstyling and clothing. Make over games can be done with one of these components or all of them. These games can be played together or with an adult or older girl making up the younger girls. Take before and after pictures for take home favors. Make over games are fun at slumber, birthday and jut for fun parties. They can also be done in a beauty salon by a professional.

Dress Up

Playing dress up is a great way to get a group of girls interacting and playing pretend. Supply an assortment of clothes, hats, purses and other accessories and watch the fun begin. A fun twist on this game is on horse back. Supply each girl and horse with an equal amount of dress up items. All of the players and their horses start at the same line. The object of the game is to put all of the items on the rider or the horse then mount the horse and ride past a finish line. This game can also be done with just the girls. The first player past the finish line wins.

Online Dress Up

There are many on-line dress up games where girls can go to a web site and design a model, her hair, makeup and clothing. Some are simple and some are more detailed. Most involve clicking and dragging clothes and hairstyles on to the virtual model. Some sites allow the girls to print out the finished project.

Putting on a Performance

Dressing up and putting on a performance is great fun. The performance can be singing, dancing or putting on a play. Have each girl decide what they are going to perform or what part to play and have them dress accordingly. Let the audience chose a winner or just enjoy a great show.


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