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Driveclub - Game Review

Updated on November 19, 2014

The Evolution tried but can not offer a decent driving experience of their scrolls. Several flaws in the game try to be coverted in great social aspect.
Despite the long experience Evolution Studios in entitlements, delivery of Driveclub was quite complicated. With a fun arcade MotorStorm series as a backdrop, this new title lets us build clubs - the equivalent of clans and guilds - here for the purpose of burning rubber tar.

The social competent is the hottest format Driveclub, and although it is interesting and important, is not enough to be the main mechanical Forla of this experience. The limitation of six players to a club, the impossibility of establishing proof or even a simple multiplayer races between friends are the biggest problems in a way that limits the predefined thematic events.

Driving Clubs

When you create a club, its members gain collective goals, helping to gain experience and level up through the points of prestige hoarded during races, which will rewarding you with new cars.

Another aspect is the constant share of challenges: During the races, you will be invited to surpass the achievements of other players, creating the additional challenge of being better than your peers. When you have established a good time, you just have to do the same and share.
Facing this social vision of the game as an extra, it is unfortunate that the career mode reveals itself repetitive and linear. The campaign is basically a parade of evidence, focusing on three types of challenges: Race, time trial and drift sessions, and the mechanics of the latter is far from tuned. To move in you will have evidence to meet objectives, and the more you are evolving greater the degree of difficulty.

Overall, Driveclub features beautiful scenery, landscapes and models of vehicles counted. However, the clues are highly limited, most of them with invisible barriers, cunos create clashes effects of pinball. The experience is pure arcade, and the damage system is non-existent - even cosmetic level damages are simpletons.

The artificial intelligence of the enemies is very boring, rarely makes mistakes and just go by itself. Fortunately, we found compensation on the excellent sensation of speed and different experiences in each type of vehicle. Unfortunately, after several hours of playing, the feeling that plagues us is the delusion.

3 stars for Driveclub

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Pros & Cons

Pros: Social online component adds new challenges; training encourages clubs to complete collective goals; model of solid driving, but highly arcade; some surrounding landscapes; different licensed vehicles; excellent sense of speed.

Cons: It doesn't lets you create events and games to play online with friends; progression repetitive, limited and uninteresting career; penalty of random collisions; drift from barely functional system; social component should be an extra and not the core of the experience of the game, the IA opponents linear are boring; Basic system cosmetic damage.


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    • CarreiraS profile image


      4 years ago

      Car games are not my thing, but looking at these graphics I might make an exception-


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