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Must-Have Accessories for Drones

Updated on February 4, 2017
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Ekim has been in love with electronics and computers for 25 years. He's a certified drone pilot and a computer engineer who loves to write.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone

Drones have become very popular amongst aerial photographers lately because they are cheaper compared to the next alternative; helicopters. If you have followed the drone trend and got yourself one, after taking a few shots, you will realise that they are not like the GREAT aerial videos and photos you have seen on Youtube. Probably because all of those photos have been shot using some additional drone accessories. Drone accessories are not a necessity but they are required to take your game one step further.

Listed below are amongst the most important Drone accessories that will assist you to increase your drone flight, adventure, video quality and safety.

Phantom 4 Pro propeller guards
Phantom 4 Pro propeller guards

Additional propellers and propeller guards

Propellers or blades are something you should have even if you think you'll never crash, mainly because the reality is, you're always about to crash if you're just a beginner. I've got a great deal of previous quadcopter expertise, but even I went down when I first got the Phantom 2. I also went down as soon as I received the Phantom 3, as it tried out coming back home due to a minimal battery power while I was inside the home (which has been entirely my wrong doing). Prop guards are yet another story. It's not necessary to have them, but they might be good to have when piloting in confined places, or close to people. During the past half year, I have used prop guards just once, however, some people use them on a daily basis. When you're flying your drone a lot and having to switch props lots a lot due to crashes, then that is when prop guards are the most effective.

Extra Batteries

DJI Phantom series flight time has been improving upon with each and every version, up to date DJI Phantom 4 Pro even now comes along with 28 minutes promoted travel time which for almost all non-recreational purposes simply isn't enough. So make sure to obtain an additional battery pack or more to get a solid back-up anytime you require it. You may also want to update on the quicker battery charger that is included with the Phantom 4 pro. It's going to charge the Phantom 4 pro battery power in about 40 minutes rather than nearly an hour or so.

Phantom 4 Pro Multi Charger
Phantom 4 Pro Multi Charger

Additional battery charger

Additional Drone batteries make much more flight time possible, nonetheless, they also need to be recharged. When you've got a couple of batteries, and each and every battery usually takes sixty minutes to charge, the waiting period of time can rapidly raise with additional batteries sitting down idle. So it is advisable to buy an additional charger or even better, a multi-charger.

Vehicle Charger

When you're out there on a car trip, the only electric power access you have may be the car’s battery. It is important to get a car battery charger for your DJI Phantom So if you have 1, 2 or even 3 electric batteries, when outdoors, you're most likely to use up all your juice eventually. In this case what you truly require is the capability to charge your batteries when you’re not anywhere in close proximity to a mains power point.

Tablet for Video Feed
Tablet for Video Feed

Android Tablet Or Apple iPad

Flying a drone while maintaining it together with the video feed out of your smart phone, is unpleasant, to say the least. The display screen is too small to get yourself a crystal clear view of what exactly is going on up there. So, buy a reliable tablet or an ipad which has a display large enough to provide you with a significant video clip feed. Apple iPad, new Samsung Galaxy Tabs or some other equivalent tablets are generally very good solutions, totally depending to your financial budget.

ND Filters for Phantom 4 Pro
ND Filters for Phantom 4 Pro

ND Filters

To manage how much light goes into the camera lens, and to manage tiny vibrations while increasing motion blur, getting an ND Filter is a pretty wise solution. ND filters really are a must, in my opinion, they make the video on DJI Phantom series look more fluid and are they great because they increase no substantial weight to your gimbal. But keep in mind gimbal on the P4 Pro is extremely light and I would wait to include another weight other than these lenses to the front of that gimbal.

High capacity SD Card

Additional drone batteries will not be any beneficial when you do not have sufficient space to store the footage you record. The default 16GB Micro SD card that accompanies DJI Phantom 4 Pro can just store about 40 mins of video footage at max. Buy a 64 Gb Mirco SD card if you do not wish to transfer the video clips to your PC each and every a couple of flights.

GPS Tracker - GPS Tracking Device
GPS Tracker - GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Device

A GPS tracker device attached to the drone comes in handy if you ever drop your drone or it flys away. GPS tracking helps you pinpoint your drone with an accuracy of up to 2 meters. Many drone pilots have lost their drone because of basic controller mistakes and the well-known flyaways. If you attach a drone GPS tracker to your drone and get a GPS tracking software that you can use on your smartphone, you'll have higher chances of finding your drone, when you go on a mission to find it.

Phantom 4 Pro Hard Shell Case
Phantom 4 Pro Hard Shell Case

Backpack or Travel case

To take your DJI Phantom 4 Pro along on a trip, camping, cycling, road trip or some sort of journey, the default foam packaging that comes with the P4 Pro probably will not last for very long. To get a more comfortable and safe alternative, you might want to consider purchasing a specifically created DJI phantom backpack or travel case; you will find loads of available options. In my opinion, the DJI Phantom 4 hardshell backpack is regarded as the most practical backpack for the value. It really lately came out and it is the smallest backpack accessible, therefore it will not look absurd on your back. it features a hard case layout that will deliver much more protection from drops,

Safe Flights!.


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    • dronetube profile imageAUTHOR

      Ekim Saribardak 

      23 months ago from Bristol

      Hi Coffeequeeen,

      If you would like to learn more about drones or watch videos shot using drones, visit

      I'm using this GPS tracker on my DJI Phantom 4:

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      23 months ago from Norfolk, England

      Interesting. I know nothing about drones, so this has been interesting to read!


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