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Druid Leveling Guide - simple tips to level your druid faster

Updated on October 23, 2009

Druid Leveling Guide

This simple Druid Leveling Guide will give you some quick help on how allocate your talent points until level 40. If you're looking for a more sophisticated leveling guide I recommend reading my review on Zygor's Guides.

The Druid class is a hybrid one, able to tank, heal and dps efficiently. This depends on their forms (Cat, bear, tree, moonkin) as well as their gear setups. Speaking of these, most good druids carry around 3-4 sets according to the role they will be playing. As shown in many druid leveling guides The easiest way to level as a Druid is Feral. I'll show you below where to allocate your talent points when leveling.

Leveling as a Balance Druid

The balance tree focuses mainly on DPS, having all kind of talents which boost your damaging spells. As you level up, you get improvements to most of your "pewpew" spells, making you a better damage dealer, on par with the Mage or the Warlock. Here is the build your druid could use when leveling as Balance:

10-14: Starlight Wrath 5/5
15-16: Focused Starlight 2/2
17-18: Improved Moonfire 2/2
19: Control of Nature 1/3
20: Insect Swarm 1/1
21-22: Nature's Reach 2/2
23: Control of Nature 2/3
24: Control of Nature 3/3
25-29: Vengeance 5/5
30: From this point forward put your talents in such a way to reach Moonkin form as soon as possible.

Restoration Druid

It's hard to level your Restoration druid doing solo content. Your best bet here is to do a lot of grouping. The build below will get you invited to many instances since it's a 100% healer spec. In end-game content, many druids are required to put their talents in the restoration tree to get accepted into raiding groups.

10-14: Improved Mark of the Wild 5/5
15-19: Naturalist 5/5
20-22: Intensity 3/3
23: Putting the remaining points is simple. Just get the talents that will help your druid heale more efficiently.

Feral Combat Druid

The feral tree is the most used for leveling druids. It's also the best talent tree for PVP. When leveling, druids get the cat and bear forms. The cat form makes you a rogue, giving you an energy bar and the stealth ability while the bear form makes you a formidable tank, giving you great endurance and survivability. As your primary stats, you will want to focus on agility and strength gear, to help you killing things faster.

10-14: Ferocity 5/5
15-17: Thick Hide 3/3
18-19: Brutal Impact 2/2
20-22: Sharpened Claws 3/3
23: Feral Charge 1/1
24: Feral Swiftness 1/2
25-27: Predatory Strikes 3/3
28-29: Primal Fury 2/2

From this point on focus on adding talents that help the druid do more damage while in the cat and beat form.

Druid Summary

The fun thing about druid is their hybrid class. Druids can have the playstyle of warriors, priests, mages and rogues. They can be half warrior half healer. The possibilities are limitless. Your only enemy here is your imagination! So get creative and play the druid in as many fun ways as possible.

See below what awaits your Druid at level 80. Read the review for this simple Druid Leveling Guide to get as fast as possible to level 80 to enjoy the end-game content: Arena, Battlegrounds, open PvP, Raids! Good luck!

About the Author

I'm John, an avid World of Warcraft player and I consider myself to be a power player. I leveled 9 characters to level 60, then 70 when The Burning Crusade came and now, with Wrath of The Lich King, I'm in the process of leveling my characters to 80. I used some good leveling guides in my journey to level all my characters because it saves you so much time, time which could be spent raiding or getting that high arena rating we all dream about!

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    • profile image

      daniel mathieson 

      8 years ago

      like the way u constantly move while attacking i staeted using this way and my claw ripetc seems to set up quicker good work mate am at lvl 58 and so looking forward to flight form this is my first lvl 58 character well i made a death night ofcourse as everyboday did wen it was released keep it up mate

    • JohnKrantz profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Austria

      Hey, Thomas!

      Usually, after i write something i have the feeling it's complete bull. It's good to actually see people saying my work is good! Thanks!


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