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Ducks Plush Stuffed Animals Toys Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Careful, Ducks!

Plush ducks need a completely different approach. They are not just toys– they are birds. They were destined to fly, and even as small plush ducklings won't tolerate unseemly behavior. Many resent being plush, and envy their rubber brothers who get to swim in the tub. Stuffed ducks are also sensitive to cold: being oviparious, they haven't had the chance to live inside their mommy's tummy, and had to be clutched and warmed from the outside. Many were denied plush from their feet, which are particularly susceptable to cold. Caring for a plush duck is no easy task!

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Nobody's Perfect

Ducks, at least live ones, are a pretty rare sight for urban people. Those who get to see and interact with domesticated ducks, know how aggressive and loud these guys can be. Despite their small size, they have a strong character, and will protect themselves by making loud noises and extending their necks and beaks towards a presumed attacker. The fictional birds, such as Donald Duck and Daffy Duck, also have character: one is a good-natured guy, the other, a cantankerous opportunist, is pretty much the opposite. Their sweetness and imperfections make them great toys, because children often see themselves in them.

The Ugly Plush Duckling

Most plush ducks were made of a yellow material, with some orange for the feet and black for the eyes. They are bright, sunny and lively – the yellow and orange colors inspire energetic movement and play. Some toymakers prefer to focus on the most salient features, essentially creating fantasy creatures; others produce realistic-looking ducks (and other birds) that can even make original sounds. The second kind brings more educational value – but it's all relative, since any silly looking unrealistic duck can teach a child a great deal about friendship and love. That's the whole point of the story, isn't it – the ugly plush duckling.


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