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DukeCraft, Duke Nukem Minecraft HD Texture Pack (64 x 64)

Updated on June 10, 2011
For more mind defying texture packs, visit:
For more mind defying texture packs, visit: | Source

Saplings are fire hydrants! Mushrooms are road cones! Roses are rubbish bins (or garbage cans, if you prefer). This is the DUKE NUKEM Minecraft texture pack, otherwise known as DukeCraft, and it is every bit as excellent as you might be imagining it is.

This is a deeply atmospheric texture pack, and by all that I mean that it really changes the way Minecraft 'feels'. It's simultaneously darker but also more lighthearted, and the creator, BeebleBrain, has gone out of their non gender specific way to make this a texture pack full of wonder and trash.

Some things don't make much sense to me, but you know what? Who cares what makes sense to me. If the world had to make sense to me it would be made out of candy and we'd all live forever on marshmallow islands. Back in reality however, grass in this texture pack looks like Lilliputian cube walls. I half expect tiny office workers to pour out of the undergrowth and complain that the snack machine hasn't been stocked in weeks. Instead of having red and yellow flowers, you get carboard boxes and garbage cans. I think that's a fair trade, in fact, I think that's the fairest trade.

The palmy textures of trees are awesome, and interestingly enough the wood they're made of is pre-formed into planks. I guess this makes it easier to use wooden blocks for construction purposes, to heck with the way it makes the general terrain look. Who is General Terrain anyway?

I'm assuming there's some reason for grass blocks to have riveted metal seams running up the sides of them.It makes sense somewhere. Probably in the Duke Nukem universe. Probably. (As we've already established, my grip on what is reasonable and makes sense is tenuos at best.)

Ladders are awesome beyond awesome, they're more like elevators. Elevators you can ride without getting in an elevator. This is the future, and it's coming for you.

Installation Notes:

The creator of this texture pack has decided to zip more than just the texture pack up, that means you need to unzip it and extract the texture pack .zip out of the main .zip file. This texture pack download won't work if you just toss it into the Minecraft texture pack directory. Repeat. This texture pack download won't work if you just toss it into the texure pack file. If you're wondering why that is, go back and read this paragraph again.

Download DukeCraft, Duke Nukem Minecraft Texture Pack


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