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Dynasty Warriors Game Series

Updated on August 12, 2013

Dynasty Warriors

If you look at the first Dynasty Warriors games up until the 5th you will see some key similarities. This is not including the very first game as that was more of a Tekken type fighting game. It follows the story Romance of the Three Kingdoms and you can play through the story as your favorite character. If you like this kind of hack and slash games then surely you will enjoy this. The only problem I guess is that every game is practically the same as it is the same characters, same stages, and same stories. The only differences with each game is the design of the characters, stages and the additions of new characters. You can see from the two openings below how the graphics have improved.

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Dynasty Warriors 2 Opening

Dynasty Warriors 5 Opening

Dynasty Warriors Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty much pressing the square button over and over again while inputting some triangles here and there. This is when you gain the special move musou attack which is performed by holding down circle. As you progress through the games the amount of moves that you can perform are increased. Not much changes in Dynasty Warriors 3, 4 and 5. You get to use a wider array of characters but moves are pretty much the same. The new additions are creation of bodyguards which you can name yourself, horses you can unlock, weapon upgrades and orbs. The better the weapon you have the more damage you can cause. You can also choose from different types of orbs which give fire, ice and more.

Most players will notice that when you get to Dynasty Warriors 4 the stronger enemies get an aura accompanied by some electricity flowing around them. This was pretty cool but you couldn't get this for your own character or for fellow characters. They kind of included this in Dynasty Warriors 5 with the addition of musou rage makes your character covered in gold electricity. The only thing was in musou rage you would become a lot stronger but the computer was able to do this as well. In these games Lu Bu has always been made an abnormally strong character that can't be beaten without having leveled up your character first. With musou rage if you are near him and he attacks your allies, they will die in seconds.

Dynasty Warriors 5 introduced the use of bases, these included attack bases, defence bases and supply bases. Supply bases are extremely helpful when fighting harder opponents, the base will give you certain power ups after fighting inside for an amount of time. This can be attack X2, defence X2 or full health.

Old Dynasty Warriors Series

Dynasty Warriors Changes

Dynasty Warriors 6,7 and 8 have moved to a different type of game. It doesn't really feel like army battles anymore. Unlike in the previous games were the troops would kind of follow their officer now the troops just kind of magically appear. The fighting is more unrealistic as you can slam your weapon on the ground and hit all enemies away from you. They also added in the switching of weapons so that anyone can use what ever weapon they like. This kind of ruins the actual story and makes the gameplay less fun. Unless you like the games were you send countless enemies flying.

The story modes have been changed so that you no longer choose which character you use. You will follow the story and the battle will just start from within the cut-scene. The biggest change was in Dynasty Warriors 6 which featured a Renbu system were you no longer pressed certain buttons to do moves but only had one move for each button. pressing square would do a set of moves over and over and these moves would increase with your Renbu level. Once you had unlimited Renbu you could perform your best moves, you also got lighting around your character finally. The problem was you could only stay at this level while fighting, so you couldn't be walking around covered in lightning.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Gameplay

Dynasty Warriors Add-ons

As well as the main Dynasty Warriors games Koei also made add-ons like Empires and Extreme Legends. Empires is more of a strategy game were you can tell your officers exactly were to move, attack, defend or to support an ally. Before each battle you would consult your officers on what to do, increase defences, entice an enemy or form an alliance are just some of the options. You could also choose tactics to use in battle like setting a fire or setting an ambush. A good tactic is the set ambush because the troops will then follow your character around.

It's not totally clear what they wanted to achieve with the Extreme Legends games as they seem to differ depending on which game they add-on to. Extreme Legends 3 was just the story modes of the characters that didn't have a story in Dynasty Warriors 3. Number 5 saw you starting as a foot soldier and eventually becoming a main character. Number 7 seems to be another tactic type game were each action you take will have a different affect on what happens during the battle.

Best Dynasty Warriors Games

If you like a more realistic battle feel then stick to the first 5, Dynasty warriors 5 being the best. If you like the anime battling type game then probably 8 is the best game for you.

New Dynasty Warriors Series

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