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Updated on December 8, 2013

For sports enthusiasts, for gamers, and for people who just enjoy the realm of entertainment, welcome. I am here to explain a little bit more about the domination of a certain growing aspect in the league of sports and entertainment and that is E-sports.

Now you might have heard of it, E-sports or also known as Electronic sports, Video gaming competitions, and the games that held them such as League of Legends, Dota and Dota 2, Counter-Strike and the such. It is growing every year, gaining an average of 130% increase of fans every year, and if you know statistics, that is very good. People from different ages, different countries have come altogether to see E-sports come into life and I am here to explain a little bit more about it.

Gamers cheering for their favorite team.
Gamers cheering for their favorite team. | Source
Fans are so into the game that they dress up as their favorite characters. This is called "Cosplay"
Fans are so into the game that they dress up as their favorite characters. This is called "Cosplay" | Source
Fiddlesticks Cosplay
Fiddlesticks Cosplay | Source

What is it about E-sports that makes the fan base so huge?

E-sports is centered in video games. It feeds the fan base with tons of different amounts of video games, from FPS shooters to Real-Time Strategies(RTS) genre. After the big boom of Starcraft and Warcraft in the early 90's strategy games became big, and when Doom came out at around the same time or so, FPS shooters became big along side with them. But video games came way before that. There were a whole lot more of video games that came out before those big games.

Anyways, it is estimated that 70% of the world's population plays video games, and that's where the fan base starts, but there is one thing that makes them centered, and that is their love for the game. When people start to like something they ask for something more.Different fans are into different games and when that happens the fans ask for something more in these individual games.An example of this are the fans/players of League of Legends, it has 32 million active players every month and growing. When that happens more and more players start to convert into fans and lovers of the game. Then these people who loved the game plays them more and more, and like any person who plays sports and the game, they become better and better.

To put it in simpler ways, the players are in huge numbers and sooner or later there come the lovers of the game, after that there are people who plays the game into a higher level and they start to enter competitions.

Competitive Players? Pro-Players?

Many people/players in different sports such as Basketball, Football, Baseball and the likes excel at one and maybe good at the other, but an image like Lionel Messi can't go on and play Basketball in a professional tier because it requires certain things, such as height advantage and someone like Dwight Howard can't go on play football in a professional tier because he might not have enough knowledge of the different area of the game. The smallest thing counts when growing "Pro".

These things are the same when it comes to going "Pro" in the league of e-sports. Different games require different knowledge of different mechanics, to be precise, FPS gamers requires different knowledge of the game differently from RTS gamers. They do have a couple things in common such as the skill of reflexes, map-awareness and the likes.

The great thing about E-sports though, is that different players can shift rather easily to a different genre without much hassle. Players from Starcraft can switch to DOTA and DOTA players can switch to Counter-Strike rather easily. Just because of the fact that all it needs for video games is for you to play them and eventually you'll get better at them, but don't get that statement wrong. You can be better at them, but that doesn't mean you'll be the best at them, Pro-players do much practice the same as athletes do and we can explain more about that later.

Origin of E-sports

E-sports started a long time ago, in the early 90's. There were smaller tournaments held for games like Starcraft and Warcraft, also in the genre of FPS, there were games like Counter-Strike and the likes. There comes the smaller tournaments in small cities, in small countries such as Korea, then it grew and grew to a certain point and came into what it is now.

During those times, the tournaments only held people in the numbers of hundreds, but as the sport continually evolved and became known to the mass, it became something bigger and fast, from the percentage of 50% increase of fans each year into the 130% increase each year, that's a big gap, a big change, and we should thank that to different people in different associations that held these big events such as Dreamhack and the MLG.

Is E-sports really a sport?

Let's make it easier with an easier answer, E-sports is not a sports, but E-sports is E-sports. Easier? Not really, I know. Some people would say that E-sport is not a sport unless it is sponsored by Nike or Addidas, but hey, League of Legends have been sponsored by those two already. Let's break it down a bit shall we?

Now, Competitive players/ Pro-players, do train everyday like athletes do, but is sitting down in a chair and a video game training? No, of course, but when things become much more technical, mechanical, or whatever those words are, things become professional. When you start analyzing replays from a previous game, and see mistakes that a normal player would not see, and improve in them, that starts to make you professional. Different athletes do the same thing, they practice to make them feel better. So let's change that statement, Pro-players sit down and "practice", discuss about the game.

Different games such as DOTA or FPS games like Counter-Strike, require different traits required same as sports. If basketball requires reflexes, DOTA, RTS games, and FPS games require reflexes too. Sports like Football require knowledge about mechanics same as video games do. All these things add up to what is E-sports. It's much more a mental aspect, as it is of a physical aspect of sport. You use your brain more than your body, but a good mental body, requires good physical aspects too. Not that all MLG players look fit, but they do their best to keep fit, because a healthy body is a healthy mind.

To summarize and conclude, E-sport is not a sport, but a different type of sport. A sport in where you use your brain more, something like chess, and the likes. It requires huge amount of knowledge in the mechanics and technicalities of the game, and using that to adapt and play the game in different situations.

One of the biggest E-sport gathering
One of the biggest E-sport gathering | Source

The future of E-sports

E-sports is growing, and it is growing fast. It have revolutionized the world, changed it. More and more people are getting into it, in hopes they can be legends themselves in the league of video games. People say that it will dominate the world a couple of years from now and it will change it even more. When more and more people get into something, money starts flowing. Right now, the profits of E-sports are also increasing in some ways. People are earning money through it, and more are getting into it. It has now become a source of livelihood and may live up to big sports, like the NBA, MLG, or the NFL. People, gamers, are looking forward to this bigger community, and investors, well, are looking for their pockets to be filled.

This is the future of E-sports and its looking better and better.


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