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EA Access brings 'Vault Games' DLC and early access passes to games like FIFA 15 and Madden.

Updated on August 4, 2014

The Benefits and Price

For me personally, the biggest attribute this app from EA boats is the Early Access feature. This entitles fans of certain franchises such as FIFA, to play FIFA 15 early (A whole 5 days before anybody else!) Not only that, the 'Early Access' version of FIFA 15 is not a demo, it's basically the full game, even ultimate team.

Don't be losing sleep either as your saves will carry over from the Early Access versions of Madden and FIFA 15 (Ultimate Team included) to the original bought game if you choose to buy it.

Vault Games: The vault games are fantastic. Seems as the EA Access Hub is still only in beta format, there are already 4 titles to choose from, which are the following;

  • Madden 25
  • Battlefield 4
  • FIFA 14
  • Peggle 2

These games once signed up are completely free to download, and are the full game completely including all achievements, campaign/career and all multiplayer maps and modes.

What is EA Access?

EA Access is an app currently in beta form for the Xbox One console. It's a Netflix style subscription service that's catching the eyes of gamers that are looking to sign up. Most participants in the Microsoft Xbox One beta update register have had the chance to try the new EA app out first hand.

I myself was lucky enough to be sent a code from Xbox Live last week to test out and app known only to me as 'EA Access Hub beta'. At this point i presumed it was similar to Ubisoft's Uplay app for the console. Fortunately it wasn't and I was pleasantly surprised to see what concluded in my findings.

The app consisted of a easy look slick layout with tabs 'Home and Game'. At first I all I saw was DLC for Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and UFC before then coming across a tab named 'Vault Games'.

This is where EA will store all free to play instant download games for you to play completely free of charge (well, kinda not free because you have to sign up) but EA have promised they will be always adding games to 'The Vault' and never removing them from there. Sounds good, right?

The Price

The subscription at this point in time is $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year. (£3.99 a month or £19.99) which seems cheap but bear in mind it's only going to be for EA games.

Personally I think it's worth it, especially after Sony said it wasn't good value, it really gives you the chance to say to your friends on Playstation 'Hey guys, I'm playing FIFA 15 5 days before release and I can download some of these games for free!'

To make things sweeter, looking at the perspective of things, all of the games currently in the vault are less than a year old, and who wants to play old games right? EA have also promised to be always adding new content to 'The Vault' too which makes things that little bit more positive. I mean, nobody wants to play FIFA 09 or battlefield 2 do they?

If you look at in this way too, if you own either Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14 or Battlefield 4, why not just trade them in at your local games store and use the trade in money to purchase a year or a month of EA access and keep the change? Things are making much more sense now...

All in all, in my opinion, a great idea and a bargain buy. For those not as fortunate as me to have the beta, EA access is rumored to be released to the public in the next month.

Everybody loves photos!

The games available now on the EA Access beta for full digital download
The games available now on the EA Access beta for full digital download | Source
The home screen of the EA Access Hub
The home screen of the EA Access Hub
Battlefield 4 features as one of the games for digital download in 'The Vault'
Battlefield 4 features as one of the games for digital download in 'The Vault'


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    • Aaron Lawton profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Lawton 

      4 years ago from Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom

      You've got some great ideas there that would really improve the game! Although to be fair there's a 'in form' update which changes the players stats and goes by how they played last game. Career mode is still rather dull though.

    • cfin profile image


      4 years ago from The World we live in

      I own a Wii U and PC, have Fifa 13 and although I used to play it regularly back around the Fifa 96-07 days, those days are behind me. So Fifa 15 is a no buy for me and 13 will do for a long time.

      I bet they will put in place monthly updates over the transfer windows, manager changes, seasonal weather updates, play the actual league as your club as the season goes by etc. That would be worth it maybe?

    • Aaron Lawton profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Lawton 

      4 years ago from Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom

      Thanks! It's good for me as I owned FIFA, Madden and Battlefield anyway so the money from the trade in paid for the year subscription and I also had a little change from it too :)

    • cfin profile image


      4 years ago from The World we live in

      It seems like it makes sense for games that run in a series. If you're like me though, and have no interest in these games, it isn't much use. I am of the opinion than none of these games are a worthy purchase when they have seen very little improvement each year, yet they continue to cost $60. A monthly subscription is something that EA have been hinting at for a long time and it does suit sports fans particularly. $30 a year doesn't seem bad. It's better to have the option than not.

      Good article.


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