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EA Sim City Social Online

Updated on July 24, 2012

EA Sim City Social

Sim City Social Online
Sim City Social Online | Source


Sim City Social was introduced in E3 2012 with Sim City 2013 and here we will have a look at online version of this game made especially for Facebook.

Sim City Social can be accessed from the Games menu of your Facebook account. If you have a fast network connection then the game will start to preload quickly, else you might have to chat for a while to spend the time. Once it is done preloading you will be greeted from a jubilant Ms. Secretary, who will help you get started with the game.

Sim City Social Online Gameplay

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Sim City Social OffersSim City Social : Your CitySim City Social:Goals to achieve to proceed to next chapterThings that you can build like Business, Factory, Home, etc.You can purchase Virtual Diamonds for Real MoneyYou can earn diamonds via completing offers at Trial Pay
Sim City Social Offers
Sim City Social Offers | Source
Sim City Social : Your City
Sim City Social : Your City | Source
Sim City Social:Goals to achieve to proceed to next chapter
Sim City Social:Goals to achieve to proceed to next chapter | Source
Things that you can build like Business, Factory, Home, etc.
Things that you can build like Business, Factory, Home, etc. | Source
You can purchase Virtual Diamonds for Real Money
You can purchase Virtual Diamonds for Real Money | Source
You can earn diamonds via completing offers at Trial Pay
You can earn diamonds via completing offers at Trial Pay | Source


  • The game seems much like Cityville which was also based on playing City-City with your friends. However, this game brings the familiar environment of our beloved Sim City for desktop. You will miss all the cool graphics and animations though, but if you are ok with it then you will have a lot fun because this game cannot be played without friends.
  • Don’t get me wrong here; this game isn’t just friends only. The point is, you will need your friends to request stuffs for you because if you try to play this game alone then it would be nearly impossible to expand your city. You have diamonds to buy certain things and expand the area, but these diamonds are as rare as the diamonds in real life.
  • You can purchase diamonds with real money and continue to play alone but then you would be breaking the spirit of Sim City Social. If you don’t want to spend your diamonds then you can request your friends to provide you cash registers, land permits, etc. to continue with the game. There are several chapters in the game and every chapter includes some grounds to cover.
  • Your secretary will tell you what you must do in order to proceed to new chapter. It can be as little as building 5 homes or as big as creating a science team (which is impossible without friends). Like the other games on Facebook where energy is required to do just about everything, the same concept applies in Social. You will be charged 1 Energy point for every work that you do in Sim City. That work doesn’t just have to be chopping down trees or building businesses or factories. It could be just collecting materials or money from your businesses or greeting your friends when they come to live in one of your homes.
  • This is a nice gesture and you can actually manage your profile as being an angel or a devil! You can visit homes of your friends and do either good things and earn fame or do bad things and earn collectibles. It is just a matter of choice.
  • There will always be new gifts for you when you log-in and play the game every day. You will get periodic messages that if you like Sim City Social on Facebook then you will be awarded free gifts and those gifts can be anything.
  • Also, when you upgrade something in your city, be it a business, factory or simple home. You will see some offers next to that upgrade screen that something is available for more than 50% discount and you will be able to pay for that something with your diamonds. Now, that something can be Attractions (like City Plaza, Scenic Pond, etc.), decorations or new businesses that are available right now or will be eventually unlocked after quite some time if you lose this offer.
  • These are tactics how EA has decided to make money because Sim City Social is obviously free to play. If you want to avail the discounts then you will have to pay via diamonds (as I mentioned above) and if you are short on diamonds then you can add diamonds for real money that you can pay via Credit card, Paypal, Pay by Mobile or earn diamonds via completing offers at Trial Pay.
  • As you can see from the image, diamonds in Sim City Social aren’t that cheap either and completing some big offers at Trial Pay still requires some purchase. So, it is best to request your friends for that object that you are looking for and save spending diamonds.
  • I suggest that you play this game with as many friends as possible so that you don’t ever run out of permits (to expand your city) or energy (to work or collect). This game will get really boring if you decide to play it alone. However, I don’t think that you will need to do that because if you do want to play Sim City alone then you can buy and install Sim City 3 for desktop and enjoy a greater experience with all the downloadable content there is.

As I have mentioned this a lot of time here, this game is only fun when you are playing with your friends. But, then again, so is Facebook. So, I don’t think that you will face any difficulties here and enjoy the game as it is intended to be. Electronic Arts has done a great job in bringing the same feeling that you get while playing Sim City for PC, only this time, it is focused for Facebook!


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