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EA Sports Active

Updated on August 5, 2017


EA SPORTS Active in action.
EA SPORTS Active in action.

EA SPORTS Active on Nintendo Wii

In a few days, EA releases what will probably be the biggest game on the Nintendo Wii this year. EA SPORTS Active is EA's competition to the Wii Fit game and it looks like it's going to be a good one (I'm personally hanging out for it and will be one of the first to add it to my Wii exercise routine).

It was developed with personal trainer Bob Greene (yes that's Oprah's trainer so you KNOW it's going to promoted on her show), it might even be one of her 'favorite things' but we'll have to wait to find that out.

If you are already a fan of Wii Fit (like I am) then this is going to be another workout that you can use with your Wii.

Thank goodness, because even though I love the Wii Fit games, there is only so many times you can do the hula hoop, ya know.

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EA SPORTS Active Resistance Band

Bicep curls with the EA SPORTS Resistance Band
Bicep curls with the EA SPORTS Resistance Band

EA SPORTS Active Accessories

What has got a lot of people excited is the fact that they will be including two accessories in the pack that helps boost your workouts.

One is the leg pouch thingie which straps to your leg and holds the nunchuck so when you are doing leg exercises such as jogging and squats it can monitor your movements more effectively.

The other is the resistance band which while doesn't directly use the Wii remote or nunchuck is used in some of the EA Sports Active exercises like bicep curls and lifts.

EA SPORTS Active for Wii

EA Sports Active Pack
EA Sports Active Pack

EA SPORTS Active Game Features

One of the most anticipated features of EA Sports Active is that it includes a 30 day challenge made up of various games that you can do for 20 minutes each day and each routine is tailor made to you.

Like Wii Fit it will keep track of your weight and progress, but it will also add information like how many calories you've burned and give suggestions on increasing intensity based on your fitness levels.

You don't have to do the challenge, and can play the games on their own as well if you only have a few minutes spare each day (if you've got small children running around like I do!)

It can be played with or without the Wii Balance Board.

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