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EA Sports FIFA 14 Game Information / NEW Features / Release Date / Game Guide

Updated on June 13, 2013


In this guide I will be talking about the new features, game information, and everything you need to know about the newest installment to the FIFA franchise FIFA 14.

Before going any further, if you enjoyed what you read, follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992, and stay tuned for a variety of FIFA 14 strategy guides that will be published upon the release of FIFA 14..

The Official release date for FIFA 14 is September 24-27th 2013 depending on where you live.

PRICE OF THE GAME!! - The Price of FIFA 14 Will be .... $59.99 as confirmed by EA SPorts on their website.. That includes PS4, and Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS3.. For PC Versions it will be $39.99

What is FIFA 14 and What's being brought back

FIFA 14 is a Football/Soccer game which features many teams from all over the world. The game is sold by EA Sports, and allows players the number 1 experience to playing a football video game. FIFA 14 is popular around the world, and each year continues to out-due itself bringing a more realistic version of the previous game.

When you buy FIFA 14, it is confirmed that Ultimate team will be brought back. This should

What's New on FIFA 14

So mine as well get right to what everyone is probably coming here to see which is .... The new features..

The first new feature is on shooting. Pure Shot will feature new ways of hitting the ball to attempt and score goals.. When a players is getting ready to shoot the ball he will have the ability to change strides, kick motion, and allow the player to deliver accurate shots depending on exactly how they would like to hit the ball.

The game is also allowing Real Ball Physics which will allow the player to have an extremely realistic shot, and trajectory on the ball. The player will now be able to give more power, and finesse to every shot, and the ball will also have a lot more realistic mobility when traveling on the field.

Protecting the Ball - FIFA 14 is going to allow many new features to allow you to better protect the ball.. First off allowing dribbling at any speed, and to allow you to hold, and defend against defenders much easier when receiving the ball... You will now have the ability to hold off defenders and control your players ability to hold off a defender easier than in past games.

Teammate Intelligence - Now this is something that is updated every year, BUT FIFA 14 will have better teammate intelligence to hopefully stop all those times when your jaw drops wondering what your teammate was thinking on the field.

New Movements - FIFA 14 is going to feature new movements that will allow you to have faster turning while sprinting, fast cuts, and moves that will allow you to beat out defenders on 1 on 1 situations, and when you are sprinting down the field to receive a pass.

Dribble Touch - Another update to FIFA 14 will be for players touching the ball when receiving the ball. Players who know the tricks to dribbling will receive a skill boost, and less skilled players will have more difficulty when receiving the ball until they learn the new techniques of learning to control the touch off of a dribble.

2nd Chance Tackles - One of my favorite parts about FIFA is tackling another player.. With FIFA 14 will come 2nd chance tackling which will allow a player to quickly recover from a tackle, and make a second attempt at stealing the ball from a player.. Another update will be allowing players to further try different types of tackles..

Passing - Passing will also be further updated allowing players to further control exactly how they pass a ball, and many new updates on types of passes will also be implemented.

Skill Games - Skill games will be brought back to try and teach you all the new tips and tricks of playing FIFA 14, and allow you to try out many new mini-games to help increase your skill level.


FIFA 14 will be available on both current consoles, and the future consoles that will be coming out. it was confirmed that FIFA would be released on Xbox 360, and PS3, AS WELL AS being released on the PS4, and Xbox one later in the year.. So this will allow you to look forward to both versions, or whichever version you will in fact buy..

FUT or FIFA Ultimate Team

There is little information that has surfaced about the ultimate team on FIFA 14, BUT it was confirmed that EA Sports was bringing Ultimate team back to all of their games including Madden, and FIFA. This will probably update the economy, and focus on allowing a challenging opportunity for players to compete to get their team to the highest competitive level.

My Own FIFA Footage..


Luckily it has been confirmed that FIFA will be available soon, and s making some major updates to make the game more realistic than ever. With all that being said, I know I am looking forward to this game, and many others that will be coming out around the same time. It will be a busy year for me with writing, and Youtube, so if you enjoyed this guide DON'T forget to check back and follow me on Twitter to stay on top of when I post new guides. I will also be publishing Ultimate Team guides, Skill game Guides, and many other pertaining to FIFA 14 when the game is released, so check back often..


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