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EA Sports Fifa 13 Demo and Game REVIEW

Updated on November 20, 2012


This intro is going to be a review of FIFA 13's demo guide, and how the game looks.

Before I go any further, I will be posting many more guides for FIFA 13 when the game comes out, and you can follow me on Twitter to know when those come out at

Also I am available on Xbox 360 for support. Just message me @ MKS JohnR, space between Agent and Johnr. Thanks.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to comment below and let me know what you think of the game. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.


So this will be a shorter review considering there are not a lot of features released yet. To start I will talk about the practice mode. This is a great way for beginners of this game (like myself) to learn the controls, and practice shooting. Unlike Madden, or Call of Duty, it seems that soccer and hockey game typically take a little more work and practice to learn the tricks. None the less the practice mode is worth trying out even if you are on the fence about the game because it lets you grasp all the new features that they have added to the game.

Next I will talk about the physics. EA Sports thing this year seems to be functionality, and game physics. They have been updating each game to be much more realistic, and did not fall short on FIFA 13. I played today FIFA 12 before playing FIFA 13, and really did notice a lot of new things that are very beneficial to the user.

First off was the dribbling, and ball controls. It seems like they have added a lot more dribbling techniques, and a lot of different moves from FIFA 12.

Another thing that seems a lot different is player movement as a whole. The game seems a lot more smooth, and natural, and seems like you are actually controlling a real person. When someone falls, or slides, it is realistic to the time of getting up and gaining momentum again.


As far as new features, I will save the main ones for my FIFA 13 review when the actual game comes out. For here I am simply trying to write about what is available on the DEMO version of the game.

With that being said, you can do a head to head version of the game versus the CPU. Doing this you can learn the skills of the game, play a full length game, change the player formation on the field, edit the roster, and choose your own team. They give you a good amount of features on the new game, and allows you to practice and get fairly decent at the game for what is to come later this month.

Another cool feature on the demo is the practice drill before each game. They give you the option of trying out practice drills (at least on the beginner difficulty) and this will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game.

Things I wish were added.

First and foremost. A controller layout from the home menu. The only way to view a controller layout is if you go into a game, pause, and view the controls, or see them at the game start up. This can be annoying ESPECIALLY if you are trying to learn the controls in practice mode.

I wish skill games were here. You can play some of the skill challenges prior to a game starting, but I wish these were also available under practice mode. You are going to be able to play these on the full game when that comes out, but it is pretty annoying that you cannot play this now. It would really give a boost to players like me who are just starting out.


Overall the demo is pretty cool. I like the game, and am new to FIFA. So for me this is a new experience, but I am learning fairly quickly, and you will see me in the game once the real game gets released later this month. Either way, feel free to comment, or ask questions, let me know what you think of the demo.



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