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EA Sports Madden 25 NEW FEATURES / Release Date /Game Information

Updated on June 13, 2013


In this guide I am going to be giving you guys some information on the soon to be released next installment of the Madden franchise by EA Sports.. Most importantly..

For those of you who do not know Madden 25 will be released on August 27th, 2013!

Before going any further with my guide, let me say that I will be posting many guides for the next madden installment when the game comes out as I did for MAdden 13, and Madden 12.. SO if you enjoy what you read follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992 so you will see when I post those guides..

What is Madden 25.. and not Madden 14

This is a question I have been getting a lot recently, and it is quite simple. Madden 25 is celebrating 25 years of Madden. Most likely Madden will jump back to Madden 15 next year, but for now we are seeing Madden 25.. This will include a lot of features that will celebrate the 25 years of the game franchise.


Alright, SOO I will start with the new features because I know this is what everyone wants to know.. Keep in mind not everything has been released yet, and this is just stuff that is guaranteed...

INFINITY ENGINE 2 - Okay guys so if you remember from last game or my Madden 13 guide, then I talked about the Infinity Engine that was brought into the last Madden game. This allowed for the future of Madden to take place with new movements, and a lot of new features. Well, after working out many bugs the Infinity Engine 2 will be implemented into Madden 25.. The things most noticeable in the new engine will be anything doing with the physics of the players. This has to do with the truck stick, power moves, dive tackles, and many other features that allow players to interact with one another. You should notice a LOT more stability on Madden 25 in regards to the physics of the game.

MOBILITY - So each year, every sports game tries to out-due the last by making improvements to what we as gamers see on our tv's. This year you will notice 30 new moves that will allow you to out run, or perform tricks to shake your opponent. Also this will be applied to every position, and you can stack moves to perform combos, and many other tricks to help you have the edge over your opponent. Overall this is going to be one of the largest updates that we will notice will be the mobility a player has when running the ball, dodging a player, tackling, or many of the other key features we have noticed.

ULTIMATE TEAM !!!!!!! - This is arguably what most people play Madden for.. I mean there's only so much head to head gameplay one can take.. So this year EA Sports is introducing a whole new platter FULL of game modes, and ways that you can build your team within the Madden Ultimate Team of MUT game mode. You will notice a LOT of new changes that will hopefully keep people playing this game mode longer, and not allow it to die out after a couple months. Not a lot has been released on MUT, but there will be many changes from last years game Madden 13. You will see new game modes, and more ways to improve the attributes, and stats of your team.. Which means we will ALL be looking forward to this.. And as you know, I will have many MUT guides posted once the game is officially released..!

ALL-25 - This is one detail everyone is looking forward to. The All-25 is going to include features that will implement the best of all the Madden games from the last 25 years..


Well.. I have no videos for this hub at this time. I started making Youtube Videos AFTER I stopped playing Madden 13.. So with that being said, I will be making Youtube videos for Madden 25.. I will record most likely every game I play, and show whatever you guys want to see. I will also do tutorials to show you guys what you want to see, and help you out the best i can. So with all that being said, if you want to head on over and check out my Youtube Channel Head on over to which will show you what I do now, and what you can expect from the future..


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