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Enemy Front:Review

Updated on October 25, 2014


Enemy Front is developed by CI Games- a Polish Studio, being announced in 2011 for the first Time. The release date was cancelled several times and delays were made starting from a late release in 2012 and then in early 2013 and in late 2013 and again to spring 2014 but finally released by Bandai Namco Games on June 10th,2014 for Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in USA.


Robert Hawkins is an American journalist who is trapped in the war between various European fighting groups. The game is played through the flashbacks of Robert Hawkins which includes historical events from World War II , brutalities of Nazi forces. It also shows the theatres of war in Norway and Poland and took the Warsaw Uprising to a whole new standard by featuring half of the levels. Though it's a bit disappointment as the hero Robert Hawkins is alone in the game for a major part and finds help from a German Special Operations Executive, a French Fighter and some polish allies in some mission. The game does not involve high profile shooting only but relies heavily on stealth environment. You can hide behind objects, buildings, obstacles but it seems to be a week feature as enemies very often find you behind the hiding spots which creates a negative impression upon the gamer. There are also some drawbacks in the movement of the player for example there is no prone mode in which you can move in any direction lying on the ground or the holding own's breath for better accuracy of shots. I, personally dislike the sprinting mode in this game. Actually you can run here and there with almost no restriction as the game offers to engage in missions in several ways and you can run towards a goal ( i.e a wall or a door) even without engaging in combat(as this is not compulsory) with the resistance troops.The game also lacks a good multiplayer mode which can engross player for a good period of time. The game features Deathmatch,Team Deathmatch and Freedom Fighter multiplayer modes . Overall the gameplay does not seem to be up to mark which emphasizes the tragedies of ww2. The interaction in the game is actuallly some kind of boring. The AI in the game somewhat looks to be not normal. Enemies are not smart and quick enough to stop you if you are running constantly.They also just seem to be not moving unless they are shot.Overall the gameplay fails to gain the attention of the players.

Graphics & Sounds

Minimum Game Requirement

CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+


OS:Windows XP

Video Card:DX 9.0c and 512 MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3850)

Sound Card:Yes

Free Disk Space:10 GB

The graphics of the game is somewhat more than just good that can be deliver but it does not meet the expectations of a hardcore fps gamer. The open world environment is just good but not visually rich or stunning . It does not show much amazing visuals by which one can actually say that this game is made on the same Cryengine on which Crysis 3 ( a game which made high end PCs gasp in agony ) was made.

To be honest, the game just has a pair of song that can be enjoyed and musical score is enough according to me in an ww2 based game . Though there should have some more songs and musical score could have been better . Also there should have some stealthy environment background scores as the players can pass through a lot of paths without attracting attention of the enemy.


There are very few ones if I need to point out.

  1. Story is a little better than other World War II based games.
  2. Presentation of Warsaw Uprising is good according to me.
  3. I quite liked the two songs included in the game.

Other than these I don't find anything interesting for the rest of the game.


There are quite a few things that stand against the gameplay and visuals of Enemy Front.

  1. The game fails to deliver a top-notch fps experience.
  2. The does not have rich graphics but do asks for high end GPUs.
  3. The player and enemy AI is not that good.
  4. It lacks very good background scores.
  5. A lone hero is not that promising when it comes to play a World War II based fps game.

and maybe more.


All in one Enemy Front is a very straight forward fps game that is not for the lazy gamers to enjoy. But it lacks memorable moments from World War II. The game lacks good graphics , musics, gameplay is not up to the mark. So overall it's not a decent fps to enjoy.

Public Ratings

2.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Enemy Front-PC

© 2014 Subhadeep


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