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ETS2 HD Truck Mods

Updated on May 29, 2015

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - The Game

Euro Truck simulator 2 is a very unique driving game that takes you across Europe hauling loads to various companies. You start out as an employee, then progress to getting your own company and trucks.

The great thing about this game is the fact that SCS the developers have maintained the game constantly bringing out new content and patches. They have listened and communicate with the community and even made and released tools to help fans produce their own mods..

The game has been out already for a couple of years now and unlike most game where after a period of time the game gets boring, outdated and dies. Their fan base continues to grow and the quality of the game has evolved into a game that has fans wanting more.

Euro Truck Simulator (ETS2) now has two DLC map expansions and a heavy haulage pack along with skins for trucks. The real core fan-base can tap into a wide array of Mods that turn the game into a masterpiece.

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Free ETS2 Mods

The amount of Free ETS2 mods you can find for this game is amazing. You will find enough mods to completely alter the vanilla game. There are many sites in which you can find these mods and for each profile in-game you can chose which mods you want.

These mods bring a greater degree of realism to the game, add more functions and make the game a lot more enjoyable to play. The game is great even without mods and gives you endless amount of playing time. The map is huge and will take many months for most hardcore fans to explore.

Map Mods: - There are a number of maps available for you to download. The main ones are Trucksim Map and Promods, MsHeavyAlex, Poland, Russia and more...

Truck Mods: - Now being a Europe based game the game comes with only Europe Trucks. You can download these same trucks with more options added - to completely redone truck models. You will also find many Russian trucks and American Truck along with a few Japanese Trucks.

Trailer Mods: - While the base game has a lot of different types of loads you can haul, there are a many completely new trailers you can download, from logging trailer to heavy haulage trailer with oversize loads.

Other Game Mods: - You will be able to find many different mods that can change your loading screens, the amount of money you get for each load, add extra wheels and tuning parts, and mods like the 13 - 18 speed Eaton Fuller gearbox mod for a G27 Logitech Steering Wheel

Paid ETS2 Mods

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has release two expansion packs. The first is Going East Expansion DLC and the second just release is the amazing Scandinavia DLC. They also release a heavy haulage trailer and cargo pack.

It is well worth the mention as the Scandinavia DLC has added so much more detail to the map, it is like a whole new game in itself. They updated the rest of the game to match. The streets are more detailed and come alive with people walking around, supermarkets and a heap of different loads to cart. Cost wise is very affordable.

HD Truck Mods have some of the most detailed and amazing truck mods I have seen. The kenworth K200 is an Australian truck. Comes with realistic sounds from Cummins, Cat and Paccar Engines. The interior has anaimation, the dvd player works as GPS and you can insert your own movies as well.

They also have a few other trucks like the Renault T, Volvo Fm, Volvo FH480 and The Mecedes Benz Actros, each with their own unique sounds. These models are being constantly updated with some amazing detail. They are all high poly models so you need a good solid performance PC to run them without lag. I have a AMD FX eight core processor water cooled system with a very decent amount of RAM and a Nvidia GTX660 graphics card. I am not sure what the minimum requirements are but I would guess that you need at least 4gig RAM and a GTX600 series graphics card or greater.

ETS2 Kenworth (Cat Engine Sounds)

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ETS2 Gaming Accessories

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

This really makes the game come alive. Able to use all 12 gears, or 13 -18 speed gearboxes, a clutch and makes it easy to steer instead of using a keyboard.


A Game Worth Playing...

Even if you are not a great truck fan, this game may change your mind. Not only do you have the driving side of the game, you have the business management side. While they have made this simple and easy to operate, it add a whole new dimension to the game.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a game that will give you hours and hours, if not months of gameplay, with the constant updates, the hardcore modding community this game has a lot of years left in it.

© 2015 eem2004

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