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Ea Sports FIFA 14 news, updates and features

Updated on April 24, 2013

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Could this be the new cover of FIFA 14? (It is not the official case, just a fan creation)

Hi, Mr Awbery here. So I decided to take a break from my bag a bargain series and bring you information about FIFA 14, which will be the next installment in the FIFA franchise. There are some major changes to the fundamental game play of FIFA, which means that many of the complaints people have about the game itself could be fixed. This is very exciting for a dedicated player such as myself, and you can count on the fact I will check the website daily for updates, and bring them right to you. When this article has been published, I may do a re-edit when the game comes out, and confirm which of the features they have put in, how they have changed gameplay etc. If you enjoyed this article, and want to see more on FIFA 14 rather than 13, please leave a message confirming so, because I want to tailor what I write to you, the readers needs. If you want reliable information about the game, including my personal opinions on the new features and what they will mean in terms of the game, please stay tuned, and keep coming back!

I have never written a pre-FIFA article before, and this is my first, so If there is anything that could be improved, If you want a feature explained in more detail, or more information which I haven't included, feel free to leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the article. I am a very active article writer and will promise to be in touch within one day of you leaving the comment, and I will respond to every comment individually, even if I receive a ridiculous amount. Your opinion and feedback is what I pride myself on , and the only reason I am writing articles is for you guys

Anyway, enough chatter, read below for all the latest news on FIFA 14!

These will become even more important in FIFA 14!

Focus on midfield and Protect the ball

In this FIFA, it seems like there is much more emphasis on the play obtained in midfield, rather than 13, in which most of the decisive play is made by the strikers. This could be a significant change and may be hard to get used to, however it will create the realism in this department which I do not believe it currently has. The problem with FIFA 13 is that the midfield is almost cut out, and this is just not how real football is played. This is even more evident in the Ultimate Team series, in which the arcade style of gameplay is emphasized , and I have seen teams with just two midfielders win very easily, over a team with five. In real life, teams such as Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid dominate their opponents by possession, and this is usually obtained with fantastic midfield play, and in FIFA 14, this seems to be their focus.

A quote from David Rutter - Executive of FIFA

FIFA 14 will play the way great football matches are contested with build up through midfield, tension throughout the match as chances are created, and incredible finishing. Opportunities in FIFA 14 will be rewarding and great goals will look stunning.” (Obtained from

One huge change is the feature known as Protect the ball . This is revolutionary as it allows for the first time players to fend off and block defenders off the ball WHILST dribbling at ANY speed, or outmuscle opponents for position before receiving a pass. This is one change I am hugely interested in, due to my pure frustration that in FIFA 13, you cannot protect the ball, and time and time again the opponent could just run around my striker when I was trying to hold the ball up. This opens up so many options in the ability to turn your marking centre back, or wait for a run from a team-mate whilst applying strength to your marker. As the game gets closer, I will bring you more information of the logistics of this feature.

The team will make more intelligent runs!

Team - mate intelligence

Another feature that EA Sports have tried to improve again is the Teammate intelligence. This received a huge overhaul in FIFA 13, but there is still things to be improve. Watching the goal of Van Persie against Aston Villa this Monday, the run he made is simply not achievable on FIFA 13 by your team-mates, and it should. This is what they are aiming to change. New decision making logic makes your defenders mark tighter and more intelligently, and they track runs better. Defenders will realise when they need to provide support , and identify chances to win back position. Whilst in attack, players have a larger arsenal of abilities to lose their marker, including running across the backline, checking their run to be onside but unmarked.

More information will be added here as the game gets closer

Bring the ball out of the air like Ronnie!

Ball control

Major changes are anticipated in the ball control section of FIFA , with additions being made to the 360 degree dribbling added in FIFA 13. Once again the emphasis is based on winning the battle in midfield, and it is clear that they are trying to change the poor way in which many people play FIFA at the moment. Sprint Dribble turns enable players to turn in every direction at full sprint, keeping momentum and allowing them to beat a defender better 1 on 1. Variable Dribble Touches changes the way each and every player runs with the ball. A higher skilled player will have better touches and more control when sprinting. The effort they are putting in to achieve realism is very exciting, and I am impressed thus far.

Strike it like Rooney!

Ball Physics - Pure Shot

The animations In FIFA 13 were vastly improved from FIFA 12, in which every shot would look exactly the same, and there was pretty much one animation for a volley, one for a power shot, and one for finesse. In FIFA 13, they overhauled this, and added many different ways the ball would be struck, which is a step towards realism. I have been impressed with the way players seem to improvise when a ball takes a bobble, or deflection off a marker, and this culminates in quality finishes, including scorpion kicks, diving headers and off balance volleys. This is being further developed in FIFA 14, with the development of Pure Shot. Brand new ball physics make every shot seem realistic. Players now adjust their stride when they approach the ball to strike, opening up new angles of shooting, allowing players to step around the ball and curl it, or drive forwards to power the ball into the net. Well hit shots are rewarded more, and off the balance and rushed shots will be more frequent. the ball physics have been improved further, which allows more powerful long range strikes, drill low rising shots, and hit dipping and moving shots. More and more in today's football, you see shots swirl and move in the air, and this is apparently what could happen in FIFA 14!


The new FIFA could be the most realistic and visually impressive to date, and I am certainly amped to learn more information. Thank you for reading this article, I really appreciate each and every reader, even if you do not comment and make yourself known. if you liked this article, or want to find out more information, please like this article, follow it, add me on Twitter and Facebook, and generally stay tuned!

Mr Awbery

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