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Earn money online, heres a cool place to check out

Updated on June 21, 2016

The game in question is called Entropia Universe, it is run and owned by a company called Mind Ark, who back in 2003 created this game with the idea that it would one day bring people together online in the shared desire to make money.

Years on, 13 to be precise and they seem to have managed to do just that, I myself signed up to the game 7 months ago, almost to the day.

I wasn't sure how it all worked and or if it was going to be a game worth my time. After all, we have all at one point or other run into a game that offered to make us money that ended up falling somewhat short of the promise.

That being said I played this game for a little over a month before I decided that I would actually invest into the game, I have personally invested 20 euros into the game and 7 months on I have over 230 euros in the game to my name.

This is a game I would definitely recommend that you all check out, it doesn't require you to invest in the game to be able to play it, there are plenty of new player quests that reward you rather handsomely for completing them along the way, not to mention the myriad of other opportunities to be able to make money in the game without having to invest.

Things such as walking to find stones, dung and fruit to sell to other players.

Sweating creatures to again sell to other players, you could even buy a healing device and loan your services out as a medic to other players that are going on team hunts which can also prove to be quite profitable.

As the video to the right will go into in more detail, there is more to this game than simple click and shoot, it is a game that requires thought and patience to begin with.

As a form of temporary conclusion, this is a game that can be very profitable, but it can also be very frustrating, my advice to anyone who plays this game is to be calm and calculating with it, don't get frustrated and give up as you may find that if you persevere that you might just be lucky and like myself actually make money from the game.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask, please feel free to ask them.

My in game name is Lord Arthur Pendragon if you wish to see more than the above displayed videos then come to my channel, where I host tutorials on how to play the game Entropia Universe and go into somewhat more detail about the different roles that you can play in game.


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