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Earning Money as a Pro Gamer

Updated on July 28, 2019
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Playing video games is a great past time, but what if you could do it for money? That would be great right? Earning a living from doing what you do in your spare time for fun. I don’t know about you, but I would love it.

What your chances are of earning and playing for a living, and how much you can earn are all centered around which games you play. At the moment the popularity is with Fortnite, which every teenager knows about, as well as online Twitch streamer (I’ll cover that later).

Earning income from playing esports

As esports grows in popularity, and stadiums are filled with larger crowds of viewers and the games are broadcast over national television channels, so does the large sponsorship amounts to money to step in and promote their brand with the prize money of upward of $1 million dollars for the winner.

The great thing about esports is you can get started at home cheaply with probably just the same computer you browse the internet with, maybe just with a small upgrade, or your home console. You can then enter your local amateur tournaments to get started, once you think you are good enough, and playing online will soon put that to the test. So if you are top of the online leaderboard, then you should definitely think that you can go along and have a go if you think you're hard enough!

If you are a talented player, you may be able to play as part of a team and gain sponsorship, that allows you to have a living wage completely from playing full time. This can be with a number of Premier League football clubs, that all have their own in house esports player for the Fifa series of games. There are teams for games such as Starcraft 2 and League of Legends that have teams of people together playing them, and the sponsorship allows this. If you are going to play at this level, you have to be one of the very best in the world.

How can you tell your level of skill?

Most of the competitive games you will play have a competitive ranking system that they use. League of Legends uses the skill rating system, known as the ELO system. This was originally designed to determine chess match skill levels of players. Starcraft has a similar ranking system with the leagues ranking from bronze upwards to gold, platinum, diamond, and finally grandmaster.

How much work does it take to be a pro gamer?

The straight answer to that question is 8-15 hours a day, and that is every day. You may not need to play 15 hours every day, but there will be times when long shifts are required, I suppose just like any job. This will put you in the area of world-class gamers. You should maintain your discipline in other areas of your life, including your health and fitness, and your eating habits, and also your mental health, so the holidays are a must occasionally. It’s important to stay in as good physical condition as a Major League baseball player, or a full-time football player. If you think you can survive this type of discipline, then this career may be for you.

Content Creation Online

Maybe playing video games competitively doesn’t fit your schedule, but you will want to earn something from playing games. Well, this is still possible, but you can do it through two websites, or Twitch.TV. These websites allow you to stream your content for viewers to watch, and in return, you can earn money from them.

When you are working on the platform, it is based around a live stream platform. Whereas YouTube is videos you have recorded, but they have been attempting to infiltrate the streaming market too. Have you ever heard of Pewdiepie? He is youtube's biggest earner, and all he does is upload gaming videos. He has been uploading games for years and is very charismatic in playing them. Although it might be more than a bit difficult to say you will replicate his success, you can still carve out a popular niche for yourself.

You don't have to be good at the game, you just have to have a confident demeanor, and play the game through like you would normally, with a voice-over about what you're doing, and what your thinking.

This is especially good for games such as CS:Go which is one of the most popular games online for people to watch, and people love watching hours of matches.

You can play certain types of niche games too, it doesn’t have to be blockbusters. You can be someone who played just independent games and helps people discover new games.

You will have to play for a while, and build up your following, but once you have a number of subscribers, it will start to snowball, and more and more people will tune in, and share and like your content. You will hopefully even get sponsorship opportunities, to play certain games. You will need a webcam to record yourself playing in the bottom corner of your screen, and also a good microphone so people can hear you.


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