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Easter Bunny Craft Scavenger Hunt

Updated on March 29, 2017

As a mother of four, I have created many scavenger hunts for my kids throughout the years. I have designed everything from hunts with simple picture clues when they were younger to hunts that include hieroglyphics, morse code and invisible ink as they became older. All in all, scavenger hunts have become a fun tradition in my family and I hope that you will enjoy this Easter-themed craft hunt which can be done by kids of all ages.

How To Play

The purpose of this scavenger hunt is for the child to earn all the pieces necessary to create an Easter Bunny craft. As the child finds each clue, they will be collecting the supplies needed to create the bunny. A small Easter basket can also be presented after the final clue has been found as an extra bonus.

Age Range

For kids 3 to 10.

Picture clues can be used for children who cannot read, while the written clues can be used for older children.

Easter Bunny Craft
Easter Bunny Craft | Source

Supplies Needed to Create the Bunny Craft

  • Construction Paper – pink and white, cut out into bunny ear shapes
  • Pom Poms (1 pink)
  • Pipe Cleaners (3 pink)
  • Googly Eyes (2)
  • Small Paper Plates (1)
  • Tacky Glue or Hot Glue

This Easter bunny craft is courtesy of The Best Ideas for Kids. The craft is pretty straightforward, however, feel free to visit this page and follow the in-depth instructions in order to assemble the bunny.

Number of Clues

For younger children, you can create 6 clues. As each clue is found or solved, the player will receive the following items: paper plate, the first bunny ear (including both the pink and white cutout), the second bunny ear, all 3 pipe cleaners, 1 pom pom and the 2 googly eyes.

For older children, you can separate the bunny ear cutouts and give the pink and white cutouts separately. This brings the number of clues up to 8. If you want to add even more clues, hand the pipe cleaners out one by one as well as the googly eyes.

Printable Written Clues

To view or print the written clues, click below:

Easter Bunny Craft Scavenger Hunt Written Clues

Printable Picture Clues

To view or print the picture clues for children who are too young to read, click below:

Easter Bunny Craft Scavenger Hunt Picture Clues

Printable Blank Clues

This printable has blank spaces where the clues would be, thereby offering you the opportunity to make your own clues or add a few more to the ones above. This is a great choice if your child finds the clues above too easy and you need to write down some seriously tricky clues. Rhyming, fill-in-the-blank or mixed up words clues are good options in order to increase the challenge level for your little smartypants.

To view or print the blank clues, click below:

Easter Bunny Craft Scavenger Hunt Blank Clues

Enjoy the Hunt!

This scavenger hunt is a fun way to give Easter baskets, candies or gifts to your child, while helping them to feel a sense of accomplishment as they solve the clues and create their own Easter bunny craft. In addition, this activity offers a creative alternative to the typical Easter egg hunt. Scavenger hunts are a memorable way to enjoy any holiday!

Cute Easter Basket

Easter Egg Basket for kids Bunny Burlap Bag to Carry Eggs Candy and Gifts (Pink)
Easter Egg Basket for kids Bunny Burlap Bag to Carry Eggs Candy and Gifts (Pink)

This is an adorable Easter basket that is the perfect size for collecting plenty of Easter eggs and candy. It comes in blue and green as well and is made out of a durable material which means your child can use it for a several years.


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