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Easy Gold PS3 Trophies

Updated on December 25, 2011

Gold is one of the most precious minerals known to man. It was responsible for the California Gold Rush of 1848, which caused Americans, and other groups around the world, to migrate west, to California, in hopes of a brighter future. All money is backed by gold, and at one time, gold represented our primary currency.

Today it is often given as a reward for considerable human achievements. Gold has been associated with everything from value, and respect, to divine principles, and wisdom. Therefore, when Ps3 gamers get an opportunity to earn a gold trophy it comes with an air of excitement. Gold PS3 trophies, like the mineral, are in high demand, and are often sought after.

Why? Because they are highly valuable in points, rich in memories of achievement and hard work, and getting a majority of these is quite a difficult a task. Fortunately there is a simple way to earn gold trophies by means of games that are ridiculously generous with these golden cups of splendor, some more so than others. If it doesn’t offend hard work only attitudes, or if you’re not a hardcore gamer that would get embarrassed by off-beat trophy sources; take a gander at the list of games below, complete with their own list of bountiful gold trophies and how to get them, grabbing these are a steal!

Please note that if these games contain other trophies besides gold, they will not be listed.

Frogger Returns GOLD TROPHIES
The Subway: You made the commute!!!
The Sewers: You cleared the stinky sewers!!!
The Swamp: Frogger has returned home!!!

#7 Frogger Returns

"Frogger Returns" is a simple, over head view, arcade style game; where you play as a frog hopping around various obstacles. It has three gold trophies which unlock as you complete their respective levels, pretty simple. This is available for purchase on the PlayStation Network for $4.99.

Hannah Montana GOLD TROPHIES
Professional: Earn a 5 star rating for a performance.
Superstar: Earn a 5 star rating on all songs.
Rockstar: Earn a 5 star rating on each stage.
Crowley Meadows: Save Crowley Meadows.

#6 Hannah Montana: The Movie

This game is more than likely the most embarrassing game that could grace your game list, unless of course you’re a young girl, or a big fan of Hannah Montana. It’s adapted from the Disney movie; you play as Hannah Montana, mostly doing performances for large crowds. It’s a rhythm button game, much like Guitar Hero, but the two should never be compared.

If you are not ashamed of having this girly game on your list, and you don’t mind your Ps3 friends occasionally poking fun at you for having it, then go prospect for its four gold trophies, which are earned for performing a few light tasks, mostly involving simple button rhythms, you’ll get these in no time.

Tour de Fork!: Finish the game walkthrough.
Ultra Foodnik: Get all upgrades.
Ultra Food’onaut: Finish Game with Final Ending
Dishin’ Out!: Destroy all the Hydroponic Foodpods in the game.
Unmunchable: Kill 500 foods in the game.

#5 Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

"Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs" is based on a Disney movie. You play as scientist Flint Lockwood, tasked with cleaning up giant amounts of food (a problem caused by Flint's invention) by stabbing and slicing it with giant eating utensils; you can even melt giant mounds of ice cream with a heat gun. The five gold trophies in this game are pretty easy to mine, just play through the game, and complete all tasks. The game is short and sweet, leaving you with five Gold Trophies, in a relatively short amount of time.

Autovia Avenger!: Beat El Machismo.
Santa Carburera Champ!: Beat Candice.
The Champ!: Beat Chick Hicks for the Title.
Daring Devil!: Score 5500 points in the Mater the Greater event.
Ole’!: Score 25000 points in the Materdor event.
Big city!: Beat Stinger.
Tokyo Triumph!: Score 25000 points in the Tokyo Mater event.

#4 Cars: Race –o- rama

Disney is back again, with a generous helping of trophies; Cars: Race-o-rama is based on a Disney movie. You play mainly as Lightning Mcqueen, performing in races, and trying to get to the finish line before others. You may also play as Mater in extra events, performing various stunts. The seven gold trophies in this game are child’s play to unearth, they just require you to beat opponents in simple races, and score a certain amount of points in other low-challenging events.

#3 WWE Legends of Wrestlemania

A beat em' up wrestling game, from the creators of the "Smackdown! Vs. Raw" series. A player can choose between various wrestling legends that have appeared at Wrestlemania events over the years, or the player can create their own wrestler, and become a legend themselves. If you like wrestling games and want to strike gold, then go after the seven gold trophies here. They mainly consist of accomplishing relatively simple tasks in the ring and earning easy to get medals.

Gold Trophies

Royal Rumble Winner: Win a 30-Man Royal Rumble.

Medal Collector: Obtain all of the medals in Wrestlemania Tour Mode.

Wrestlemania Tour: Clear all “Relive” matches in Wrestlemania Tour Mode.

True Legend Killer: Obtain all of the medals in Legend Killer Mode.

Super Fast Legend Killer: Become a Legend Killer in Legend Killer Mode in 30 minutes or less.

King of Kings: Defeat the Favorite Legends Tier in Legend Killer Mode.

You’re #1: Have your created Legend reach the Top rank in Hall of Fame Mode.

#2 Spare Parts

In Spare Parts, you play as a robot named Mar-T who is dropped out of a spaceship onto a strange alien planet. Eventually Mar-T comes across a spaceship that needs repairs, your guide through this game is the ship’s A.I Con-rad. The task is to collect the ship’s missing parts. This game has a hefty haul of ten gold trophies, the easiest are rewarded by simply following and completing the story. The rest of these trophies are acquired by collecting, buying, and upgrading, which are all pretty simple to get; except for the Ship’s Engineer trophy, where the player has to collect 100 ship parts, some being difficult to find. This is available for purchase on the PlayStation Network for $9.99.

Gold Trophies

Jungle Master: Jungle Approach finished.

Cave In: Monkey Caves finished.

The sky is a new shade of doom: Vista Cliffs finished.

Crashdown: Ancient Temple finished.

All Systems Go: All Action Parts found.

Legendary: Game completed!

Blingbot: 1,000,000 credits collected.

Shop-o-bot: Present for the purchase of all unlockable concept art.

Better Stronger Faster: Present at the purchase of all Action part upgrades.

Ship’s Engineer: All 100 Ship Parts collected.

#1 Terminator Salvation

#1 Terminator Salvation

The year is 2016. The game is set between the events of Terminator 3: Rise of the machines (the movie) and Terminator Salvation (the movie). You play as John Connor, a man who leads a small group of resistance fighters through the ruins of Los Angeles, to battle killer robots that are trying to obliterate the human race. We have struck the mother lode with this title, as the number of gold trophies go up to eleven. This title has some of the easiest gold trophies to get, as they are all mainly story driven; simply complete the game on any difficulty to get nine. The remaining two trophies require harder difficulties in a part of the game, but still you shouldn’t have too hard of a time adding these to your collection either.

Gold Trophies

L.A 2016: Complete Chapter 1 – L.A. on any difficulty.

Thank Heaven: Complete Chapter 2 - Thank Heaven on any difficulty.

New Acquaintances: Complete Chapter 3 – New Acquaintances on any difficulty.

The Sights: Complete Chapter 4 – The Sights on any difficulty.

Underground: Complete Chapter 5 – Underground on any difficulty.

Into the Wild: Complete Chapter 6 – Into the Wild on any difficulty.

Angie: Complete Chapter 7 – Angie on any difficulty.

Every life is sacred: Complete Chapter 8 – Every life is sacred on any difficulty.

For the Resistance: Complete Chapter 9 – For the Resistance on any difficulty.

Seasoned Commander: Complete the Game - Become a commander on Medium difficulty.

Veteran Commander: Complete the Game - Become a commander on Hard difficulty.

Well it’s getting late, all the prospectors have packed up their gear and mining picks to go home for the evening. Some people have drawn out mining plans to visit these areas and strike gold; others may not wish to take the simple route, but either way, we wish everyone luck in their future mining endeavors. Whichever way someone decides to go about seeking these golden achievements; may they find a bountiful mass of riches to populate the trophy page.


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