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Easy Learning Games for Toddlers

Updated on November 27, 2015

Monkey See Monkey Do

Children absorb knowledge much like a sponge consumes water. Anything and everything is fascinating to a child because everything is new to them. Make the most of their curiosity by supplying your child with plenty of visual stimulation. You are your children's best teacher; they want to do everything just like you.
In this Hub you will find fun and interesting ways to teach your child early development skills such as:

  • Color recognition
  • Shape recognition
  • Body Parts
  • Organization
  • Creative Play
  • Increase in Vocabulary

Patience is a Virtue

Teaching a child something new will take a little time and patience so please do be discouraged if your child does not catch on right away. The important thing to remember is that while you are teaching your child, you are not only developing his/her elementary skills, you are creating an experience for them; as well as spending time with your child. Repetition is important when introducing your child to a new activity. Be sure to only do learning exercises in 10-15 minute bursts. So that you do not burn out your child on the activity.

How to Teach Your Toddler about Colors

For this activity you will need the Following:

  • Post-it-Notes
  • Color Dot Stickers

Children love playing with stickers. They won't even realize they are learning with this game because they will have so much fun sticking the colored stickers to the post-it notes.

Start by choosing three colors of Dot stickers, and three Post-it-Notes. Place a different color dot on each Post-it-Note as an example of which color needs to go where. Then begin by telling your child the colors of each dot while you show your child where they go. Follow up by choosing one color dot at a time, say the color, hand it to your child, and ask them to put it where it goes. This activity may take 2-3 times of playing this game before your child understands what you are asking him/her.

Color Game Supplies

What you need
What you need
Set your example dots
Set your example dots
End result
End result

How to Teach Your Toddler About Shapes

Teaching your child about shapes is yet another basic elementary skill that they will need in order to prepare them for preschool and kindergarten.

What you will need for this activity:

  • Flash Cards with Shapes
  • Flat surface (i.e table, box, or floor)
  • Patience

I Chose the Crayola Brand flash Cards because the shapes were colorful and large enough to see. My son took to the flash card game very well.

Start out by choosing 3-5 shapes and lay out in front of your toddler. Make sure to have matching shapes in your hand. Talk about each shape and the color of each shape. If your child does not seem too interested at first start singing a song about each shape and lay out it's matching partner. This will entice your child to want to do the same. Then hand your child one card at a time and ask them where their matching "friend" is located. Clap your hands in excitement when your child gets the answer right. Take turns with your child so that he/she is not the only one playing the game. It takes two for a fun game after-all.

Shape Matching Game for your Toddler

Sing Songs with Your Tolddler

Making up songs for anything and everything you do with your child is fun for both your and your child. Try singing songs when you want your child to:

  • Try new foods
  • Clean up their toys
  • Learn about animals
  • Learn their body parts
  • Go to the Grocery store
  • Go for a long drive

The list goes on and on. The more you sing and play with your child the more they will learn, and the more he/she will enjoy spending time with you. Transitioning from one activity to another, going down for a nap, going to new places, and shopping will become so much easier because you would have made the world of learning much more interesting to your toddler.

Teach Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Clean up Song

Enjoy These Precious Moments

Your child will not be little for long and it is up to you to make sure your child grows up happy, healthy, and with a love a learning. The skills you provide your child with now will set the scene for a productive, fun loving healthy adult. Play as many games with your child to create memories that will last a lifetime. Love and admiration from your child while they are young will develop into respect as they grow older.

One day they will be taking care of you.

Toddlers Grow up Quickly

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