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Easy Magic Card Tricks

Updated on December 12, 2010

If your one that likes to learn magic card tricks  then this is a simple magic card trick to learn and use at any occasion. Maybe you have had a dream of becoming a magician when you were younger, and was amazed at the wonder of  performing magicians. There are many easy magic card tricks one can learn, but the key is to always practice and practice and practice some more, until it becomes second nature. This is a fairly simple magic card trick and you should be able to pick it up quite easily. And with little practice you can master it with ease, learning how to do magic tricks with cards is fairly easy than it really looks, if you know how to manipulate the deck itself. Magic card tricks are usually played with the audience member close to the magician, usually at a table. There is sleight of hand involved in most card tricks and the saying goes ….. the hand is quicker than the eye. With this next trick I will reveal to you you will wonder how or why the heck didn't I realize this before, hey! Don't worry most people think the same thing as you. 

Materials you will Need for this card trick:

1 Standard Card Deck

2 Practice and more practice

The Trick:

Ask someone to think of a number between 1 and 10 then give the deck to that person and have them shuffle the deck, and count down to the number he or she thought of and remember that card. It is important the cards are kept in the same position and are not to be shuffled around during this counting. While the person is doing this you can turn your back so that you can not see what they are doing while at the same time still counting.

Name the Card

After they have finished you turn around then take the deck and place it behind your back, count off 19 cards, reversing their order, and then place them back on the top of the deck.
Bring the deck back in front of you and ask the person the number from 1-10 that they originally thought of in the beginning. Begin your count with that number which was chosen and deal each card out one at a time. When you reach 20 cards let that person name their card as you turn it over.


like all things you need to practice this trick over and over until it becomes second nature. Only then can you really fool your spectators, and fill them with awe and wonder. It is also they way you perform the trick, you need to make it as dramatic as possible to archive a outstanding performance.There are many magic card tricks for kids this one shown should be simple enough for them to learn. With this trick, practice makes perfect, so practice this trick before performing it to others it's easy to get confused on how a card trick works just from reading about it as in this article. Having a deck of cards in your hands as you try and learn the tricks will make it much easy to do the real thing. There are literally hundreds of card tricks to learn and many of them are very simple once you know how it's done. And when you realize the simplicity of the trick you will go “ well I should have guessed that “ but it aint that simple when a professional magician does it to you. They are trained in the art and have made it their top priority to pull the wool over your eyes.

Learn Magic Card Trick Basics : The Rising Card Magic Trick


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      wedding magician 

      8 years ago

      Why on earth would you tip this move!!!


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