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Eden Eternal: Feature highlight

Updated on April 21, 2014

Eden Eternal Official Trailer

Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal is a free to play MMORPG published by Aeria Games and developed by X-Legend. It's an 'anime' style MMO featuring cutesy anime-esque animations and designs. Below I'll highlight a few key features I really enjoyed about the game.

Guild System
Every MMO needs a good guild system, and Eden Eternal lives up to the expectation. Guilds have their own 'fame' that will cause their guild to level up as it increases. Each member can contribute 'fame' by completing guild quests. Additionally, at level 3 a guild can create a guild town, which is the best part about guilds in Eden Eternal. In a guild town players can host various shops/merchants as well as mining and other gathering locations. Additionally, and what I love the most, is that each guild member can get their own 'room' within the guild town that they can decorate with furniture! The guild system is great at engaging its members and definitely incentivies group activity. As with many games, community is the most important part, and a community within this guild system will do well.

Quick and easy, Eden Eternal has an awesome selection of various costumes! Unlike other games though, these costumes can be equipped on top of your equipment, so you don't need to have items for looks and items for questing, and switch between them. You can kick as much ass as you normally would whiel still looking fantastic.

Territory Wars
Territory Wars is the guild vs guild pvp system in this game. It gets a little complicated by revolves around controlling crystals in a map. These wars occur on a schedule and guilds who end up winning will own that territory until someone takes it from them, all the meanwhile reaping the benefits of owning a territory!

Class System
Eden Eternal has the best class system I've ever come across! You can switch from class to class very easily and there are many benefits from leveling various classes beyond the strategic benefit the class presents. These benefits include a 'class expertise', 'class certificates', and other things. As soon as a class becomes boring, switch and have a whole new experience. On top of that, it can be fun to go back to lower level enemies with a class you haven't really played and fool around with it while at the same time leveling that class.

Archive System
All significant items can be stored in an 'archive' where you can access them from any character on your account. This 'archive' allows you to save space in your inventory/bank while still keeping all the cool things you get! I love it and I hate games that make me sacrifice my collections because of inventory space.

Achievement System
Too few games have a good achievement system. Eden Eternal has an awesome achievement system that is very thorough and detailed. It also includes 'legendary achievements' that give you special perks such as increased stats or gains. The only problem is that it just might drive you crazy if you're OCD about this type of things.

Couple System
Minor part of the game, but deserves an honorable mention. The couple system is cute, allowing you and your partner to earn 'luv coins' and use them to unlock special skills such as teleporting to your lover! You also earn bonuses when playing with your lover. It's freaking adorable!

That sums up a few of my favorite feature, of course there are many more aspects to this game (it is an MMO afterall) so I would definitely personally recommend giving it a try. By the way, I noticed that Aeria sends out a 'welcome package' to newly registered users, so if you give this game a try keep an eye on your e-mail. (Oh, and you get an adorable alpaca as a free mount at level 30, this game has some obsession for alpacas so get used to it)


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