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Educational DS Games

Updated on October 4, 2011

Choose from some amazing educational DS games to help your educate your children, and even keep your own mind sharp!

Introduction to the Best Educational DS Games

The Nintendo DS Console is a HUGE amount of fun, for children and adults alike. But the fun does not stop with gaming, there are also some brilliant educational DS games that will give you or your children some of the best brain teasing, learning and training exercises you have ever seen!

The best educational DS games provide a fantastic mix of game play, challenging puzzles, and learning experiences to help teach subjects, no matter how basic or complex. With the wide range of third party educational DS Games available, you really do have the pick of some of the best educational material in the world. Covering everything from maths and science to languages and music, the Nintendo DS console range can provide a comprehensive education in any subject.

Educational DS Games
Educational DS Games

Which is the Best Educational DS Game?

The truth of the matter is that there is no 'best educational DS game'. It really does come down to the kind of training and subject matter you need in a particular game as to which is the best one for you. This broad variety is what makes this so great, there are a lot of games that won't be right for you, but there will be at least one game which will be perfect!

This personal preference is why I will not be listing these Nintendo DS games in any particular order, and instead will simply talk about the good and bad aspects of each game, or range of games.

Brain Training

Adults and children alike will find brain training games fun and competitive, even if just competing against yourself. Brain training games are fantastic for helping to improve your cognitive abilities, and test the varying functions of the brain. Different games may focus more on different areas than others. For the most par though brain training games cover pattern recognition, logic, and mathematics.

What compells me the most about Nitnendo DS brain training games is that they have fantastic tracking and monitoring, litterally showing your improvements as you practice varying puzzles and tests. It may not seem like a big deal intially, but you may notice that you begin to find yourself becoming quicker in day to day life as these different 'brain skills' are trained!

Brain training games are a surprisingly great way for both children and adults alike to keep a sharpe 'edge' in their day to day activities. As little as 15 minutes a day can help improve and maintain your mental abilities.

Learn Series Educational DS Games

The Learn Series of educational DS games are some of the best available at teaching your children the basics of some of lifes most important subjects. With the learn series you can teach your kids everything from science to chess with variable difficulty modes, plenty of mini games and even some fun multiplayer challenge modes.

The Learn DS Games provide plenty of educational material, and with their skill tracking/skill altering system, the Learn DS educational games will help your child from the basics, all the way up!

You can use the learn DS games for a variety of educational purposes, but the best part about it is they they continue to provide entertainment for years to come.

My Virtual Tutor

My Virtual Tutor provides a great learning tool for younger children at a kindergarten level or early school years level. While these games will be too simplistic for advanced readers, it is a great way for the majority of children to learn how to read quickly, while having a good time!

While the games and books may feel simple at first, My Virtual Tutor actually covers the five important areas of reading. These areas will steadily increase in complexity and difficulty, helping your children learn to read quickly with the help of this educational DS game.

Personal Trainer Educational DS Games

The Personal Trainer educational DS games are some of the more varied out of this group, currently they cover fitness, cooking and maths. While these are relatively unrelated, they also provide some some of the most useful skills that you can learn!

Personal Trainer are well known for making fast paced training, instructional videos and comprehensive information in their broad spectrum of educational Nintendo games. By teaching to skill level and provide a great amount of variable play, you will quickly learn to pick up the skills you want to know!

Brain Quest

Brain Quest have some fantastic educational games for Children, starting at the youngest ages and moving up to the higher grades of education. Each Brain Quest educational DS game comes designed for a specific age group, and will have questions, puzzles and games tailored to that age group.

Brain Quest comes with thousands of questions covering different kinds of academic subjects. These include core subjects such as Maths, Science, English, History and Geography. These questions are supported by games, quests and other challenges!

Brain Quest is one of the more entertaining sets of educational Nintendo DS games on the market in my opinion. The only downside is that the game is really limited to one particular age group, then you have to buy the next version of the game when your child gets a little older!

My Coach Educational DS Language Games

The My Coach language series promises to teach you a wide variety of languages from 15 to 20 minutes a day. This piecemeal training system is actually a fantastic way to learn a new language, since it keeps you immersed, without overloading.

My Coaches uses a series of mini-games, mastery levels and skill monitoring to help make sure you do not get left behind, or forget what you have already learned. This fantastic DS language training game

While My Coach is not alone in the world of language training games, it is one of the best in my opinion, and can help all ages learn a second language!

Sudoku and Crosswords

Sometimes the simpler the better, and when you get a bit older some of the tried and tested puzzles are the best. There are plenty of Sudoku and Crossword games that provide a challenging puzzle, and will help teach you some valuable skills, as well as hone that brain!

Sudoku is a simple yet addictive mathematical puzzle game which will teach you some fantastic pattern solving skills, as well as helping your memory. This game will take a while to master, although the beginner puzzles are more for training than challenge.

Crosswords provide a great outlet for those looking to increase both their vocabulary and general knowledge. not only that but Crosswords often use subtle clue wordings to provide a thoughtful challenge and cerebral training.

Using both types of these puzzles can help along with brain training to provide a great mental exercise, keeping you sharp and knowledgeable!


Hopefully one of these educational DS games will be perfect, there is a lot to choose from with plenty of different educational game types available. From puzzle games to learning to read, you can find a DS game to teach you or to train you.

If there is not an educational DSi game here that teaches you what you want, let me know and I will do a little research to help you find a game that is perfect for what you want!


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