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Efficient Troop Training

Updated on August 15, 2016

Useless Buildings

FACT: Having only ONE barrack and a LOT of villas is the method that will MAXIMIZE most troops trained for the smallest amount of speed ups.

Once players have T4 unlocked, there are a number of buildings that lose total value to keep in your city. The following are buildings that you may deconstruct for more placement of villas, barracks, and hospitals:

  • Storehouse (completely useless to every play style)
  • Hall of war (you don't need a hall of war to donate to rallies, you only need a hall of war if you ARE the rally LEADER, or if you're a free player and you use the ghost rally method as your protection)
  • Prison (If you're too small to hold heroes and you don't purchase packs with instant executes, this building is useless to you. You'll be zeroed while you sleep attempting to hold heroes if you aren't big enough to hold it)
  • Altar (If you don't have a prison)
  • Marketplace (unless you have a lot of rss you want to share with players, I always take marketplace down during KvK KE, and put it back up after the weekend)
  • Gymnos (Once your hero is level 65, you can tear this down. This does NOT take away the skill points awarded to you for level 21 and up, you still keep those, but it does take away the 10 extra monster skill points after you swap to a different preset)
  • If you are a trap, deconstructing the Academy after you've finished all your research is not a bad idea. Traps don't need most research trees, once you've done what you need, you're likely to wait a long time before MZ releases new research that is good for traps. You still get the benefit of your research even without the academy.

Troop training speed PER villa.
Troop training speed PER villa.

Training with Speed Ups

Barracks control how many troops you can train at one time, and villas control how fast you train them. However, many people, especially big spenders, don't enjoy hitting the train button 5 billion times therefore they forego the training speed for a larger queue. If you plan to train an entire inferno, especially at high brackets, you will want a larger queue as well or you'll likely miss third prize. Here is the best way to train for your objective.

Examine the types of speed ups you have for training. For example if you have 100x 15 days that you want to use, you're going to start by building 4 barracks and maxing them to level 21.

Equip your training gear and note how long it takes to train at this point. If your train time isn't near or above 15 days, build another barrack or two. Test again. After you have just over 15 days, you're going to build a villa next until the time falls under 15 days again. Then a barrack.

Your goal is-- If you have a 20% training boost item you plan to use, to have the timing at 15 days plus 20% which for 15 days would be 3 days so you want the time queue to say 18 days. If no boost, then 15 days. Ideally the queue should be OVER and not UNDER. Because you can quick cut and paste the exact number.

Once your ratio is set up to train for your speed ups. Equip training gear (you can find in gear section the best training gear), activate item, and get started.

If your queue is just over the speed up, click the box next to the slider and type in a number a little less and keep guessing until you get the exact number that it takes to train with exactly one 15 day speed up. highlight the number, hit copy, and then you can click the box and hit paste every time. You aren't losing efficiency by doing this, it just makes it faster instead of having to use 3 or 4 additional small speed ups to complete the process.

Why is this important? Because when you're training for the infernos, I have, on many occasions not hit the third prize because it requires so much training. And this way, its fast, and allows you to train the most amount of troops for the smallest amount of time.

Training with gold/instant train

If you're at all like me, and you're lazy, you will want to hit that instant train button instead of clicking train, going to your speed up screen and clicking a few speed ups.

This method will help you get the MOST troops, for the smallest amount of gold.

First thing you want to do is to take down all barracks except for one level 21+ barrack. If you have upgraded to level 22 and above on any of your barracks, then just leave them. It is costly to keep building back level 22+ barracks. But because I am a trap and I use a lot of gold to train T2, I always keep my city buildings at level 21 because for some KvKs I need all barracks, for some I need all hospitals, and then to train I need all villas.

Leave one barrack, build the rest as villas. Don training gear, hero skills, and click your training speed boosts. Select the troop type you're training and note the time. You want to round UP to the nearest speed up increment. For example, if its 1d 21h to train, you want to take it up to 3d training time. If its 3d 5h, you want to round it up to 7d training time. If you have a troop queue boost, this is the best time to use this when you are using all villas, because it means you are saving twice as much gold than you would be if you used it when you were all barracks.

After you've noted the time, build another barrack and pay close attention to the amount of time it is increasing as you level the barrack up. Stop BEFORE it hits that next speed increment, or else you'll be paying 10k gold to train a batch that barely takes longer than 3d at 4400G. Once you're as close to the speed up as possible, stop. Start training, hit that instant train button.


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