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Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dawnguard: Vampire Lord Powers Advantages & Disadvantages

Updated on June 29, 2012

The Vampire Lord is a new vampire transformation that is included with the Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dawnguard add-on pack. In order to receive the Vampire Lord transformation, you must join the vampires by accepting Lord Harkon's gift. If you choose not to accept Lord Harkon's gift, then you will side with the Dawnguard vampire hunters and will not be able to become a Vampire Lord right away.

There is a skill tree available for the Vampire Lord. Draining enemies life force will give you experience for new perks. These perks will give you new abilities such as, the ability to summon a Gargoyle, enter a mist form to recover health, and more. Additionally, some perks will help make you stronger in combat. Note that you can enter or exit Vampire Lord form at anytime.

Natural Abilities for Vampire Lord in Skyrim

  • Vampiric Drain ball - An explosive red ball that causes damage to enemies and will drain their life force allowing you to gain experience for perks
  • Bat Form - allows you to turn into bats and fly in a direction quickly (useful for avoiding damage from enemies)
  • Raise Dead - Similar to conjuration spells in Skyrim, allows you to summon a dead corpse to fight for you
  • Vampire Sight - Allows you to see better in the dark

"Vampire Lord Modes" in Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dawnguard

  • Hovering mode allows you to cast magic with your right and left hand. You will not be able to perform melee attacks in this mode.
  • Melee mode lets you fight with your claws while on the ground, however, you will not be able to cast magic in this mode


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Advantages of Being a Vampire Lord in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

  • Able to use powers not found in spell books or dragon shouts like turning into bats, entering a mist form, and summoning a gargoyle.
  • Able to hover over water quickly in Skyrim and avoid activating pressure plates that activate traps
  • The Vampire Lord has much more powerful melee attacks
  • Can enter and exit Vampire Lord form at anytime
  • Sprinting makes you fly/hover across the world of Skyrim at fast speeds.
  • Useful abilities like turning into bats to avoid damage or entering mist form to regenerate health, magic, and stamina

Disadvantages of being a Vampire Lord in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

  • Characters in Skyrim will attack you if they see you transforming into a Vampire Lord
  • No First-Person View -- only Third-Person
  • Can not enter the inventory menu, only the Vampire Lord Perk Tree appears until you transform back into normal form. This means you can not use any weapons, magic, or other items that you would normally be able to use (other than Vampire Lord Powers)
  • Sun will prevent you from regenerating health, magic, and stamina (as does normal vampire form)
  • Followers in Elder Scrolls Skyrim may get in the way of your Vampire Lord powers and you may accidentally kill them (be careful).

Is Becoming A Vampire Lord in Skyrim Worth It?

While you do not always have to be in Vampire Lord form in Skyrim, keep in mind, that even in normal vampire form, you will have a weakness to fire, sunlight, and you must feed from time to time. Failure to feed for a long period of time will cause people to become hostile towards you and they will attack you on sight. As you progress through the vampire stages, your power increases, but eventually people will attack you on sight. Every time you feed in Skyrim, your vampire stage sets to stage 1.

The Vampire Lord is very unique and has some great powers. However, it's recommended that you make an "extra save" file before choosing to become a Vampire Lord -- in case you change your mind and want to support the Dawnguard vampire hunters instead.

Personally, I found the Vampire Lord to be pretty fun to play as, however, I prefer First-Person mode. It is rather difficult to navigate small areas in caves, dungeons, and buildings when in this form. Mainly because you are larger and in third-person view. But if you wish to join the Vampires instead of Dawnguard, then you must accept the Vampire Lord power from Harkon. However, since you can transform into this form at anytime, it's not too bad, although the transformation process is a bit slow.


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    • profile image

      Holscher 5 years ago

      People will NOT attack you even in stage 4. You don't need to feed at all. This is made so in the Dawnguard DLC.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Unfortunately, no.

      You can not marry Serana in the Skyrim Dawnguard dlc..

    • profile image

      luke 5 years ago

      Can you marry serana?

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      I still think you can become a vampire lord if you join Dawnguard because I heard Serana will turn you into a vampire before going into the Soul Cairin.

      Add me on Live "HomicidalDavid"

    • Choxy profile image

      Choxy 5 years ago

      Very informative! I sided with the Dawnguard (uh, crossbows?!) and was curious as to what would have happened had I joined Lord Harkon. :-)

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      You have to go in the quick menu and select "revert form." Then I believe you have to hit RB button (which would be the shout button)

    • profile image

      momo 5 years ago

      How do i exit vampire mode?