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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Is it as Good as Everyone Says?

Updated on May 13, 2012


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been nominated for game of the year, but is it actually worth getting?

5. Realism

The graphics in Skyrim are impressive. My dad stated that "it doesn't even look like a video game." Not only do the graphics make it real but each and every character has their own life, their own background, and even their own fighting style! Something else amazing is when you get an enemy down lower in health you will actually fatigue them to a point in which they run away, crawl on the ground, beg for mercy, or crawl away on the ground while begging for mercy!

4. Quests

There are quests (literally) everywhere! There is a quest called miscellaneous that is centered around all of the quests that are not "important." Quests that go under this category include: bounty hunting, dragon slaying, and just miniature quests that you do for random people all over Skyrim. There are lots of them and it is a great way to earn some extra money,

3. Versatility

Unlike Oblivion, Skyrim allows you to literally make whatever type of character you want without limitations. You could go out and do or be anything. There are many types of choices throughout the game (different guilds to join, becoming a part of a rebellion, killing or not killing certain people, etc.). No matter type of game you enjoy playing there is a place for you in Skyrim (hack n slash: wield swords, first person shooter: wield a bow, magic lovers: wield magic, and you can choose any mixture of them).

2. Leveling

The leveling system in Skyrim is much better than that of Oblivion. First of all, you can level up whenever you want (you do not have to sleep). Secondly, instead of improving attributes you get perks. Each skill has it;s own skill tree and using your perks, you can upgrade that skill to earn special abilities. The higher you are in the skill tree and the higher the level of the skill, the more powerful the abilities you get in the tree will be.

1. Combat

The reason that this is number one is because the combat in Skyrim is unlike any other that I have experienced before. The way the system works is that you can choose to wield some weapon or power in one hand and another weapon or power in the other hand and then you can use a combination of the two to fight. Not only does this allow for even more versatility, but it balances two-handed and one-handed weapons. Not only is they way you fight immersive and addicting but the way npc's fight keeps it from getting boring. Just one example of a battle that I had before I will put below (Note: My character is a full mage named Inferno):

"I began walking up the mountain, toward ruins that I had seen on my compass. All of a sudden, the ground began to shake and I heard a thunderous roar! I knew immediately that I had encountered a dragon and acted quickly upon it. My first move was to summon my flame atronach so that I would not be alone in battle. Next I switched both of my weapons to the spell firebolt, the spell that I normally fought with. I tracked the dragons movements with my compass and began shooting strong bolts of fire from my hands (I have a perk that allows me to combine two destruction spells into one extremely powerful one). I hit the dragon but very little damage was done. It must have angered it because it swooped down and spewed flames from it's mouth at me, almost taking my health down to zero. It was then that it occurred to me that my life was most certainly in danger and that I would need frost to defeat this dragon. I quickly took cover behind what was left of a large pine tree and healed myself. By this time my atronach was slain and I needed to summon another one. Afterward, I used a spell called oakflesh, which gave me armor to defend myself against the dragon's attacks. The only frost spell that I has was close range, so I needed to wait for the dragon to land. When it finally did, I stayed behind the trunk as it shot a vicious blast of fire from it's mouth, which I took no damage from thanks to my cover. I then came out from behind the tree and began attacking him with my constant ice spell, frostbite. It's health quickly fell. It tried to run away, but it was too late for by the time is got into the sky it was too weak to fly and crashed into the ground. I made quick work of the dragon from the point by getting close and inflicted frost damage, but it was an experience I will never forget." -Inferno


You can decide for yourself whether or not the game is worth buying, but hopefully these points will help you finalize your thoughts and decision. I would rate the game a 9.7/10. While it is an amazing game there are a few glitches (although most were fixed with a patch) and every once and a while I do get bored with the fetch quests.


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      videogameviking 5 years ago from California

      Cool article!