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The Elder Scrolls Online: Good Comparison between Races

Updated on July 17, 2013

In The Elder Scrolls series have several races around the fantasy world of Tamriel, which ten of them are playable, in the case of the The Elder Scroll Online only nine races are going to be playable, but we're going to talk about the tenth race for informational purpose.

The races in Tamriel are divided by three archetypes within the lore of the Elder Scrolls universe, this archetypes are: humans, elvenkind and beastfolk.

The Imperial Race
The Imperial Race | Source

Human races.

Imperial (Non Playable Character in The Elder Scrolls Online)

The Imperial are the only fully NPC race in ESO, and it's possible that they're going to be used as the standard quest givers, enemies, guards or merchants.

The Imperial are the native race of Cyrodiil, the province where the Imperial City take place and home of the Ruby throne and the White Tower. They're the less imposing race, they are a normal "jack of all trades" compared to the other races, they're good in politics and diplomatic business. The ability to train good and reliable light infantry and being a really organized race enabled them to take control of most provinces in Tamriel, making them part of the great Empire.

The Breton Race.
The Breton Race. | Source


The Bretons are the people of mountainous High Rock province, they're half-elves because of the history they have with the High Elves overlords. The Bretons share the strong body and quick mind of the human races and they are gifted in magic as the elven races. The combination of strength and magic makes them good for durable spell casters, healer, battlemages and even hard spell classes like paladins and heavy armored necromancers, they can be very good with any combination of strength-magic.

The Nord race.
The Nord race. | Source


The Nords are the people of the northern cold province of Skyrim, almost rulers of all the provinces of Tamriel, they have a natural hatred for the elvenkind. The Nords are tall, fair-haired people who are resistant to cold weathers and frost magic, they are tough and hardy, a stubborn race. Compared to other races, they normally stay away of the arcane arts, making them great front line warrior with shield and sword ready for battle, two handed weapons masters, or devastating "war painted viking" like dual wielded warrior, they can be good archers, and sometimes a very small handful of Nords choose the stealth or magic paths. They have a natural ability for the smithing, making great weapons and armors, granting them an advantage in war.

The Redguard race.
The Redguard race. | Source


The Redguards are the people of the province of Hammerfell in western Tamriel, all of them with African characteristics. They are dark skinned with great condition, physical power and quick minded people. The knowledge of weapons, armors and smithing is a natural ability for the Redguards, all of them sometimes are known as "weapon masters". This combination of abilities makes them great all around warriors, great archers, good thieves or assassins, sometimes some Redguards choose the pure arcane ways or a combination of physical-magic style.

The Altmer race.
The Altmer race. | Source

Elven Races

Altmer (High Elves)

The High Elves live in the Summerset Isle, they are a tall, golden skin color race. They normally act like the true heirs and rulers of Tamriel. They tend to be proud and arrogant, presuming the ability that all of them have in language, arts, and culture, when another race confront them they are square minded and sometimes ignore the opinion of other races, they consider themselves the most civilized race.

This race have the most crude and intense lore in the Elder Scrolls universe because they are the oldest race. In several games they mention the history of the Altmer being really strict at the beginning and full of struggles with in their society with the pass of the year, making a great change in the way they are seen at the moment.

The Alter are the most arcane race in Tamriel, making excellent wizards, sorceress, necromancers, conjurers, battlemages, healers and a small amount of them choose the path of the warrior/archer, or thief/assassin.

The Bosmer race.
The Bosmer race. | Source

Bosmer (Wood Elves)

The Wood Elves are the natives of Valenwood, they are less formal and relaxed than their elven cousins, the Wood Elves are known for being the shortest race among the races of Tamriel, and they tend to be excellent and unique archers or thieves, due to the great ability they have in agility and dexterity, presumably because in Valenwood they tend to be living in the trees.

Sometimes some Wood Elves make a great symbiosis with the Nature, protecting the forest and being protected by the forest, some of them can make great bonds with animal, making them perfect and powerful allies in battle.

The Bosmer are used as scouts, excellent archers and snipers, thieves, assassins, hunters/beastmasters or light infantry warriors.

The Dunmer race.
The Dunmer race. | Source

Dunmer (Dark Elves)

The Dark Elves are the people from Morrowind. They are dark ash-gay skin, red ruby eyes and a bearish race. Some of the Dunmer tend to be more reclusive than other, normally the focus in their own thing and keep studying or training their art. They have a tense history with the beastfolk people of Tamriel because of the constant attacks and enslavement by the Dunmer)

They are very gifted in the arcane arts, especially in the Destruction and Conjuration Schools, making them excellent pure magic wielders or conjurers, some of them make perfect necromancers and some of them even are gifted in controlling the mind of their enemies, they can be trained in light amor, making good light warrior, but when they combine weapons with magic they tend to do it like battlemages or spellswords.

The Orcsimer race.
The Orcsimer race. | Source

Orcsimer (Orcs)

Descended from a group of Aldmer that workshiped a god named trinimac. The Orcs are the people of Hammerfell, but they lost their land to the armies of Redguards. Now the Orcs have a small mountain kingdom known as Orsinium, sacked and rebuilt several times, it's located near to the Breton homeland of High Rock.

The Orcs are the more fearsome warrior in Tamriel, the most "beast like" of the elven races, sometimes they are referred as "beasts" by other races, that's why some of them think they should be part of the beast people in Tamriel, alongside with the Argonians and Khajiit.

The Orcs are masters of the smithing with great knowledge of weapons and armors making them very good two handed sturdy warriors, great dual wielded berserkers, and great protection shields in the front lines, some of them can be good archers or mercenaries, it's very rare to see an Orc thief/assassin or mage.

The Argonian race.
The Argonian race. | Source

Beast races.


Argonians are a beast race of reptilian humanoids, inhabit the swampy region of Black Marsh. Years of defending their homeland has made them masters of warfare.

In the lore the Argonians rose to power in the Black Marsh after a plague wiped out the other races in the area. Many speculate that a powerful Argonian mage may have concocted this plague, since it's odd that the Argonians didn't succumb to it.

They can breath underwater and are resistant to poison and diseases, but have little resistance to ice. They have a hatred for the Dunmer race, but the war pushed them to form and alliance with the Nords and the Dunmer. The Argonians are agile, quick and intelligent making them perfect scouts, thieves, assassins, guerrilla fighters, mages, hunters or archers.

The Khajiit race.
The Khajiit race. | Source


The Khajiit are an feline race native of the province of Elsweyr. Remarkably intelligent, quiet and agile, they are excellent thieves and assassins around all Tamriel. A small group of Khajiit take to selling illegal drink called Skooma, a drink made thanks to the moon sugar. This has sullied the Khajiit's reputation to being lowly bandits and penny pinchers.

They are famous in the arts of thievery and assassination, but can make great warrior, archers and mages or healers as well, they are a well all around race, making them a great option.

A map of the fantasy continent of Tamriel.
A map of the fantasy continent of Tamriel. | Source


Which Race do you prefer?

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Races in The Elder Scrolls.

About the Author.

My Name is David Zermeño, I'm a game reviewer and pro-gamer in several MMORPGS and RTS, and I like to talk about the Lore and fantasy of many games like The Elder Scrolls, Warcraft, Starcraft, Kingdom of Amalur, Final Fantasy and many more.

I hope this Hub help you a little in knowing a little more about the races in TES games, and I will be creating more Hubs about many more Lore and game subjects.

Thanks, and good luck in your games.


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      Tempest 5 months ago

      how to make the best armor in the game

    • Dvd Zermeno Perez profile image

      David Zermeño 4 years ago from Mexico

      I don't know right now...but I have a little of information about a Class/Race special gear tier every season...sadly the only NPC in the game are the Imperial, so I don't know if Bethesda will make some Imperial Gear for other races.

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      i wonder if there is a special armor for imperial mage in elder scrolls online

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      wtf no imperials! BURN THEM