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Electric Remote Control Helicopters

Updated on May 17, 2014

Why Not Buy a Remote Controlled Helicopter?

There are so many options today when it comes to purchasing electric remote control helicopters. There are many models and brands that it can be hard for anyone to decide. From the hobbyist to the collector, purchasing remote control helicopters can be a challenging when there are so many to choose from. To help you make your choice, here are some of the top rated helicopters on the market.

Syma Blue Helicopter

This is a three channel mini helicopter that is easy to use. It can fly up and down, as well as left and right. This helicopter can also fly backwards as well as forwards. It is controlled with two joysticks for easy flying.. It is very durable and a perfect choice especially for beginners. It is very easy to fly and can be learned to be controlled quickly. It is priced very well to meet anyone's budget. This is the perfect little helicopter for learning to fly and can also be enjoyed as a model in competitions. It is great for indoor fling and comes rated well at four stars.

Syma Marines Helicopter

Of electric remote control helicopters, this one comes very highly rated at five stars. It is a replica of the Black Hawk and is very durable. It is resistant to most minor crashes including flying into walls and pavement. It is very easy to fly and great for kids of all ages as well as the hobbyist. It is fun to use indoors and outdoors alike and is very stable. It is great for those who are just beginning to use remote helicopters and is stable to fly. It is a good start for anyone wanting to make remote control helicopters a hobby or to have as a collection. it is priced really well to meet anyone's budget. A great choice for anyone wanting a remote helicopter.

Syma Radio Controlled Cobra Helicopter

This is a good quality remote control helicopter. It is designed for durability and is easy to use. It is perfect for anyone from beginners to experienced pilots. It has a 10 meter control distance that makes it easy to use without having to chase it around. The battery has a good life and is priced really well. the only difficulties you might have with it is landing. It takes a bit of practice to master the landings but once you do, it is easy to do. This helicopter comes very well rated at four stars and is priced reasonably. It is a very durable helicopter making it a great choice for any hobbyist or collector.

Coast Guard Helicopter

Of the electric remote control helicopters, this one has a gyroscope system that is built in for extreme stability, making it easy to fly for anyone of any age. It is made to be very durable and to withstand crashes. It has a control range of about 20 feet that's better than most electric remote control helicopters. It comes highly rated at five stars and is priced really good. It is suitable for pilots of all ages and is fun to play with. It is affordable by all and easy to use. It takes almost an hour to charge and only has a maximum of 10 minutes of flight time. It is a great choice for any pilot from beginner to experienced.

Border Guard Helicopter

This is a highly durable helicopter that is easy to fly. It does take some practice to get the handle of it, but once you do, it flies really stable. It has a battery powered radio system that is great for uninterrupted flying. The only downfall is that it can be quite expensive and better used by a more experienced flier, however it can be used by anyone. it comes highly recommended at five stars making this a great choice for anyone wanting to purchase electric remote control helicopters.

RC Helicopter with Video Camera

This helicopter comes rated at four star an is easy to use for all levels of flying. It has a metal frame and elastic blades making it durable to withstand crashes against walls, floors or cement. It also comes equipped with a video camera to help enhance your fun by making it easy to take still shots as well as videos from above. The flight time is fairly short at five to seven minutes per charge. The charge time is 20 to 30 minutes. It is a little expensive but still decently priced. It is a great choice for anyone and a great addition to anyone's collection.

Choose your Helicopter Carefully

Being able to make more informed choices regarding purchasing electric remote control helicopters will help you to narrow down your choices. These helicopters are fun and durable and great to use for anyone wanting to make a hobby of collecting electric remote control helicopters.


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    • egdcltd profile image

      egdcltd 3 years ago

      Most helicopter kits should come with full instructions. It can be best to start with one that requires minimal assembly.

    • profile image

      md asif 3 years ago

      I want to make helicopter but i have no idea on this ,no idea on its parts can you give me all information for making it pleas sir