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Elemental Hero Deck Ultimate Tips and Tricks

Updated on May 26, 2011

The Ultimate Hero Deck

This Deck focuses on four "Elemental Heroes": "Wildherat", "Bladedge", "Sparkman", "Necroshade", and the five fusions between these monsters: "Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman", "Elemental Hero Darkbright", "Elemental Hero Plasma Vice", "Elemental Hero Wildedge" and "Elemental Hero Gaia". Three of these fusions get Necroshade into the Graveyard to allow Bladedge to be summoned without Tribute, and three are fusions with Bladedge itself, putting a strong monster on the field (one of which does piercing damage, another of which can attack all monsters the opponent controls.) Monster Reincarnation allows you to discard "Elemental Hero Necroshade" to get "Elemental Hero Bladedge", therefore, summon him onto the field. This is the most straightforward "brute force" "Elemental Hero" Deck build and relatively easy to use because of the synergy between these four material monsters, but it lacks overall flexibility, but cards like "Elemental Hero Stratos" and "Elemental Hero Prisma" help a lot to keep hand advantage, and they become more useful as fusion material thanks to "Elemental Hero Gaia". Also, cards like "Royal Decree", "Jinzo" and "Magic Jammer" are needed to prevent your opponent from activating any spells and/or traps. "Sakuretsu Armor" and "Mirror Force" should be used to prevent attacks and clear the field.

Fifth Hope

United We Stand
United We Stand | Source

The Original Five

 I have to admit I love the original five heroes as much as anyone else but trying to rely on the for power in the real world, won't have you drawing fifth Hope and Miracle Fusion every time you're in a tight shot. All I'm saying is Don't make a deck depending on what if's and doom yourself to failure before the duel has even begone.

Elemental Hero Sparkman the Shining Messager
Elemental Hero Sparkman the Shining Messager

I Know What Your Thinking.............

 Sparkman right his one of the Original five, Well this member of the original five is not just a hero his a messager with his powers you can call out the 3 Shining Heroes. Elemental Hero Shining flare wingman, Elemental hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer, and of course Elemental Hero the Shining. Send him your deck to the grave with future fusion, or merge with the awesome power of Miracle Fusion, doesn't matter cause your about to infect some damage. However do to his relatively low attack points and lack of a special ability, he is fusion material. Period.

Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman
Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman

Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman! Your Wingman!!!

 Flare Wingman is like the Guy you get to get the ugly chick away so you can talk to her cute friend. A real time player, not only does he get 300 more attack points for each and every hero in your graveyard, but he also makes sure there sacrfices are not in vane by inflicting damage equal to there destroyed monster's attack points. adn if there in attack mode that a lot of damge. Always choose Shining Flare Wingman over Shining Phoenix Enforcer, because Phoenix Enforcer may have to power not to be destoryed by battle but attack point they will rising too i'm thinking being destoryed by battle will be the least of there worries. and Shining Flare Wingman can dish out a whole lot more damage a who lot faster, cause 4000 attack isn't really anything if there monster is in defense mode

King of the Swamp the Secret Elemental hero
King of the Swamp the Secret Elemental hero

The Secret Elemental Hero

 KIng of the swamp is a powerful addition to any fusion deck and most likely your best bet at summoning either of the Shining Heroes(Shining Flare Wingman and Shining Phoenix Enforcer) Not only that but his power can also be Used with miracle fusion, and you can get him in the graveyard quickly by discarding him by means of his own special ability to get polymerization then hit em with the Miracle Fusion. Also althought fusion monsters that do not request specific fusion monster can not use him as fusion material he is naturally a water type for Elemental Hero Absolute Zero.

Elemental Hero Stratos
Elemental Hero Stratos

You already know

 Every hero deck needs a Statos, with a searching power and an ability to blow up the backfield it no wonder his limited to one per deck.

A Trick Up Your Sleeve

Elemental Hero Gaia
Elemental Hero Gaia

 Elemental Hero Gaia is the perfect Secret weopan in a deck like this, with the power of only needing any elemental hero, destiny hero, or evil hero and an Earth Attibute fusion material monster Gaia is a force not to be underestimated. In an average duel a duelist that used Gaia correctly can inflict at least 2000 points of damage in one turn.

Eccentric Boy
Eccentric Boy

Better than Hero Kid

Eccentric boy is were the tuning in the Ultimate Hero deck comes in His the perfect creature to get Necroshade in the graveyard to wait for bladedge or miracle fusion, and leave something strong in his place like red dragon archfiend or black rose dragon should you draw him with sparkman or another another level 4 creature. Be advised that you are using them for attack points only because Eccentric boy negates there special abilities.

Even Heroes Need Protection Sometimes

Starlight Road
Starlight Road

 As much as you may not want to admit it the hero just can't stand on their own as well as they us to they need protection and i think a little monster known as stardust dragon is just the creature to administer said protection. Starlight road is the key to making it all happen. because eccentric boy would just negate his effect and its rare to find a duelist who doesn't keep a least one card in there decks that blow up the field.

Red Dragon Archfiend
Red Dragon Archfiend

Syncho Support

 In a deck like this power is the most worthwhile factor so here are Five syncro monster to give you the power you need

  • Red Dragon Archfiend
  • Blackwing Dragon
  • Stardust Dragon
  • Scrap Archfiend
  • Scrap Dragon

De- Fusion
De- Fusion

Secret Weopan #2

 De- fusion is a great surpise for any opponet rather than having it used defensively to protect you from your opponent, But now in the 2100st century time seems to have allowed changing in all that. After you have your fusion monster attacks you simply play de- fusion to defuse the monster that attack and attack with your two new monsters because every monster can attack one time during the battle phase even new onces, and if bladeage was one on the fusion material monsters if played correctly your opponent should be afraid right now. ;) 

Ultimate Hero Deck

  •  Elementat Hero Stratos
  • Elementat Hero Sparkman X2
  • Elementat Hero Wildheart X2
  • Elementat Hero Bladedge X2
  • Elementat Hero Necroshade X2
  • Eccentric Body X2
  • Elementat Hero Captian Gold
  • Union Monster like Armor Breaker and Buster Blaster to help  clear the field
  • Elementat Hero Prisma
  • Skyscraper X2
  • Skyscraper2 Hero's City
  • Miracle Fusion X3
  • E- Emergency Call
  • Monster Reborn
  • Future Fusion
  • Pot of Avarice
  • Lightning Vortex
  • R-Righteous Justice
  • Monster Reincarnation
  • Reinforcement of the Army
  • Polymerization X2
  • Defusion X2
  • Starlight Road
  • Scrap- Iron Scarecrow
  • Hero Signal
  • Mirror Force
  • Magic Cylinder
  • Royal Decree
  • Dark Bribe
  • Raigeki Break

Fusion/ Exra Deck

  • Black Rose Dragon
  • Red Dragon Archfiend X2
  •  Stardust Dragon
  • Power tool Dragon
  • Ancient Fairy Dragon
  • Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman X2
  • Elementat Hero Plasma Vice X2
  • Elemental hero DarkBrightt
  • Elementat Hero Necroid Shaman X2
  • Elementat Hero Wind Wingman
  • Elemental Hero Gaia

A Duel I happen to have Enjoyed



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    • profile image

      Robert tufts 4 years ago

      dude absolute zero connot be sspecial sommoned by other ways

    • profile image

      Yourmom 5 years ago

      It's no Elementat, it's Elemental.

    • profile image

      frankie 5 years ago

      where the hell is neos and curriboe

    • profile image

      gregg 5 years ago

      mst was set. Can activate quick play spell in the turn you set it.

    • profile image

      eugene 5 years ago

      ok so why didn't he mst ur future fusion after u mst his mst... fail

    • profile image

      Aaron 5 years ago

      Shining Wingman comes from King of the Swamp. V-V

      Thus the point.

    • profile image

      me 5 years ago

      where does shining wingman come from if you don't have flame wingman

    • profile image

      Pie 5 years ago

      Wear is wildedge I also use elemental hero absolute zero and use neos in my deck too

    • profile image

      ash 6 years ago

      Where's Wildedge??!!!

    • profile image

      ash 6 years ago

      Where's Wildedge??!!!