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Elsword General Guide

Updated on July 4, 2013

Elsword Online

If you enjoy hack and slash action RPG games, this game will not disappoint you. It has a rather similar style to Maplestory.

It really reminds me of the classic 1990s arcade beat em up type of game with RPG elements to it. If you like cute little anime characters as your main protagonist, then this game will do it for you.

I am going to break down the game into several sections:

  • Character Guide
  • Dungeon and Item Guide
  • Upgrading

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Elsword Characters

In Elsword Online, you get to play as either Elsword or one of his friends. Here are the characters:


He is the main protagonist of the story. He is a little abrasive and an impulsive swordsman. He carries a large sword and is a master at close range combat.


Rena is a long range damage specialist. If enemies get close to her, they can taste her powerful kicks in the face. She possesses a lot of powerful long range skills and close range kicks. She is the perfect mix of range and melee.


A melee combat specialist with metal arms. He can deal some serious close range combat damage like Elsword. I find him cooler than Elsword.


There is always some lolis in town. Aisha is the loli mage that can rain destruction to its foes. Watch this loli cast destructive spells in the enemies faces.


Chung is a small kid wielding a cannon. If you like heavy artillery, this guy is your man. Shoot away with some powerful swings and cannon shots!


Eve uses machinery to take down her foes. She can shoot electron balls at the enemies. TAKE SOME BALLS you baddies!


She is a spear wielding bad girl. If you like to see a loli poke some enemes, she is it. At least I find her more entertaining than Elsword.

Ara have not been released on the North American server. She will be soon though.

elswordforums | Source
Hikapo | Source

Elsword Dungeon and Items

The dungeons in Elsword are pretty straightforward. You choose the dungeon and you fight your way through to the boss. Defeating the boss ends the Dungeon battle. When you finish a specific dungeon in normal mode, you unlock hard mode. Once hard mode is done, very hard gets unlocked. So basically, there is 3 difficulty modes. Each higher difficulty includes more rooms and also tougher enemies.

There are various items that you can get from the dungeon. Below are the items you can get:


This is Elsword's currency. There is bronze, silver and gold ED. They are needed for armor and weapon upgrades.

You can destroy wooden boxes to get HP and MP restoration items. You can find various items. Below are the delicious stuff you can find:


These little eggs restores 10 percent of your HP.

Seasoned Chicken

Restores 25 percent of your HP.

Smoked Turkey

Restores 50 percent of your HP.

Roasted Mutton

This is the best HP restoration item. Gives you full health.


Restores 50 MP.


Restores 100 MP.


Restores 150 MP.

You can also get potions from the dungeon that improves various stats.

Sprinter's Potion: Increase jump and movement speed that lasts 15-20 seconds.

Giant's Potion: Boosts your attack power and lasts 20-30 seconds.

Dwarf's Potion: This shrinks you but allows you to regain MP much faster. Lasts 10-25 seconds.

Awakening Potion: Allows you to enter "Rage Mode", dealing good damage. Lasts 20 seconds.

You can also get Auras, which boosts your stats for a set amount of time.

Arms of Non-Aggression Coat: Grants "Super Armor". You won't flinch!

Magic Power Aura: Boosts magical attacks.

Defense Aura: Improves your defense.

Magic Defense Aura: Increases your resistance against magic attacks.

Bravery Aura: Increases your physical attacks.


These cool summons can also aid you in battle when you find them. There are a total of 5.

Oryed's Fury: Causes an eruption and deals damage to your enemies.

Dryad's Fury: Summons the Goddess of the forest to destroy your foes.

Illipia's Touch: She can heal your team. Very useful in hard battles.

Crafting Materials

You can also get crafting materials from dungeons as well as Weapon and Armor enhancement stones. They vary on levels depending on the dungeon level you are in. When you want to upgrade your equipment, go to the nearest blacksmith in town.

elswordforums | Source


In Elsword, you can upgrade or enchant your weapons and armor. To enchant, you will need Elshards. You can enchant the following elements and they are Fire, Water, Nature, Wind, Light, Dark, and Mystery.

Enchanting armor with elements grants you resistance of that element. It is extremely useful later in the game.

Elsword Guide Conclusion

This should help you get a brief idea on what to look out for when playing this game. It is a fun game to play. I will be putting out more Elsword guides when I get to the latter stages of the game!


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