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What is a MMORPG? Geeks Online Game to Mainstream Phone Gaming

Updated on June 4, 2009

Ultima Online - 1997

Ultima Online - 1997
Ultima Online - 1997

Timeline of MMORPG from a Dollar Perspective

2005 - 1/2 Billion Dollars

2006 - 1 Billion Dollars

2008 - 1.4 Billion Dollars

* 2009 - World of War Craft is most popular with 11 Million Paying Subscribers 2009

World of War Craft

World of War Craft
World of War Craft

Epic Pet Wars Online Site + iPhone Game

Epic Pet Wars
Epic Pet Wars

History of MMORPG

An MMORPG is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which truely sounds pretty dorky, BUT I must admit there are a select few which are fun and addictive. Hell if nothing else after reading this post you will know what a MMORPG is. The grand daddy of MMORPG games was Ultima Online around 1997, and yes as you would imagine wizards, warriors, and of course distressed princesses. This genre of course only appeals to a select few of mostly self confessed nerds. Currently, MMORPG games catter to pretty much any genre there is from girl dress up, mob style, vampires, comic, pokeman related, and many more.

These type of games have also morphed in many directions. From huge virtual worlds to brief or time sensitive role playing games which you can comfortably play on your phone. A hugely popular MMORPG is 'World of War Craft' (WOWC). This game, for some individuals is their whole existance, spending several hours a day playing even at an addictive pace. 'World of War Craft' is a pay to play MMORPG.

There are also free to play MMORPG games. An popular older one is Runescape. More recently iPhone app builders have created many games who work well on the go. A few examples are iMob, iVampires, GirlWars, iKnights, and my current fav of the week Epic Pet Wars(EPW).

With all of the social networking buzz going around it is no wonder why MMORPG's have exploded in popularity. This type of game normally is based on bringing large numbers of people together for a common goal. For example, in WOWC your goal is to build a clan and meet strong players to conquor others and game monster. In EPW your incentive to invite and have a big posse allows you to fight bigger enemies, gain more skills, and advance faster than players with fewer friend.

I think we are just at the brink of social networking, MMORPG, and a combination of both. I am excited to see what the gaming world has in store foe us next!


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