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Ergonmic Bicycle Seats - Which Children Bicycle Seat is best?

Updated on July 5, 2009

Children Bicycle Seats Undiscovered

Haven’t you noticed bike riders with the cute little kids in their bike seats behind them? When I see one, I’m always amazed at the courage of the parents to put their little ones on a bike strapped behind them. I see it as a safety risk, but most riders seem very relaxed and are having a great time.

Then I noticed one rider with their child mounted in front of them. I still had safety issues, but this seemed much more viable because the parent could see what the child was doing and could be more interactive with the child.

A front-mounted bicycle seat allows the child a perfect view of what’s ahead without obstructing the parent’s view. The seat takes only a few minutes to install and uninstall and to safely load and unload the child.

The front-mounted bicycle seat helps the rider maintain balance and his or her center of gravity.

Alternative Children Bicycle Seats

The rear-mounted children’s bike seat does not allow the luxury of interactive contact nor does it allow the rider to always know what the child is doing. If the child needs the rider’s attention, the rider has to stop riding to attend to the child or turn slightly to see what the child needs. Of course this takes the rider’s attention from the road ahead which creates a safety hazard. Also the child’s only view is the back of the rider. These problems can keep the ride from being an enjoyable experience.

Rear-mounted children’s bike seats also keep the rider off balance because of the added weight in the back of the bike. This also makes it difficult to load and unload the child safely.

Trailers are an alternative to rear-mounted bike seats. However, they allow little if any interaction between the rider and child because the child is pulled behind the bike and far away. Another common complaint is the trailer can become too hot.

The front-mounted children’s bike seat is for children between the ages of one and four years old with a maximum height of 42 inches and a maximum weight of 38 pounds.

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Carrier Bicycle Basics

There is also a carrier that provides an enjoyable riding experience for older children who are ready to learn to ride a bicycle. A smaller version of mommy and daddy’s bike is attached to the adult bike at the seat. The child’s bike has its own handle bars, rear wheel, bike seat and pedals.

Even though the child rides behind the rider, he is far enough away to have a clear view of the road ahead which gives him the feeling of riding a bike on his own. The child can pedal or he can coast and enjoy being pulled.

This carrier is excellent in teaching the child basic riding skills while the rider has total control of speed, braking, balancing and steering. When the child is ready to ride a bike independently, he or she will already have the confidence needed to learn to ride a bike.

Other product features are a quick-release so that the carrier can be detached from the adult bike if necessary. The handle bars are adjustable up and down and rotate. There is a front splash guard to keep water and debris away from the child’s face. This product will support a child up to 100 pounds.


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