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Escape The Cage, Minecraft Survival Map

Updated on November 3, 2011
This is the cage. You must escape it.
This is the cage. You must escape it.

You are imprisoned in a cage. With a pig. If this doesn't already sound like the best minecraft survival map that ever was, then there's probably something wrong with your brain. Escape The Cage' takes the concept of minimalist minecraft survival maps and turns it into something quirky and wildly hilarious.

Why are you in the cage? You've been placed there by the great Herobrine himself as a punishment for breaking bedrock. For your reference, you have become Testificate #827, so I suppose we now know where the Testificates come from.

Because you are quite literally stuck in a box with just a little bit of dirt underneath for good measure, things are going to be tough survival wise. There is a chest of goodies to get you by, but the dirt is inherently limited, which means that true expansion is only going to come at the price of a cobblestone generator. Herobrine has been generous enough to leave you with some survival oriented goodies, there's a block of grass, some seeds, mushroom strew, the mandatory bucket of lava and block of ice (only by the magic of Herobrine, can icestay frozen whilst being stored in a 1 x 1m square chest with a bucket of molten lava.) Oh, and a sapling for good measure. Getting enough room to grow that sapling could be a wee bit of a challenge however.

It is your job, rather obviously, to escape the cage and survive whilst doing so.

The worst cell mate you'll ever have.
The worst cell mate you'll ever have.

Challenges include:

Not killing the pig. This is a real challenge as the pig is the most obvious source of food and well, you have a hunger meter to think about. It's also a challenge when you consider that you start with just one set of seeds and piggies are notorious for trampling young seedlings. Basically, this pig is happy to see you starve to death right in front of him, or alternatively, he'll bounce you out into the depths of oblivion with a happy snort. Are you going to stand for that from a pig? You'll have to if you want to accept this challenge.

There are plenty of other challenges too, some are building challenges, some are resource gathering challenges, most of them pale in comparison to the annoyance of dealing with the pig.


This is one of those great old school 'real' survival maps, where survival is actually quite a head scratching challenge. There are several approaches you can try to take, but none of them are going to be a guaranteed success. I'd highly recommend this map to anyone looking for a straight survival challenge without too many frilly bits on the side.

Download Escape The Cage Minecraft Survival Map


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