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Escape the Mist Walkthrough

Updated on February 10, 2014

The following is a walkthrough for Escape the Mist. Escape the Mist is an awesome, new, point and click flash game that can be found at If you haven't played it yet I urge you to check it out.


You are trapped in dungeon after walking into the mist and you must use all of your wit and determination to find your way out.Good Luck!


Mouse only

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Escape the Mist Walkthough

You're facing a white door with a toilet to your left. Turn right.

Pick up the SCREWDRIVER and the FUSE. You may also pick up the doll but it isn't necessary.

Turn around.

Use SCREWDRIVER to open mirror. Pick up the LETTER B, and the FAUCET.

Use the FAUCET on the sink. Turn the sink on. Pick up the KEY that is in the water.

Use the KEY on the door beside the toilet and step inside. Step up again and turn left.

Pick up the WIRE CUTTERS. and turn around. Step up and turn left to look at electrical box.

Place the FUSE in the missing spot.

Turn left, step up, turn left, step up. turn right.

Use the WIRE CUTTERS on the chain and open the large tube. Pick up the CRANK.

Turn around.

Press the red up button to raise the water.

Travel to the locked blue door. Turn right and pick up the LIGHT BULB on the floating crate.

Use the CRANK on the door.

Open the door and use the LIGHT BULB on the burnt out light bulb on top of your screen to turn the lights on.Notice the computer inside.

Go all the way back to the bathroom you started from and close the mirror to reveal a code. 2035.

Now lower the water you previously raised by pressing the Blue L button and travel back to the newly discovered blue door room. Once inside turn left and open the large tube.

Pick up the letter. Turn around and read the poster saying "The Roman Emperor Lives!".

Go to the computer and put the letters you've found in the keyboard. Only the X is really necessary.

Remember the code that was on the mirror? Convert it to Roman Numeral and type it into the computer;MMXXXV.

The exit door is now open and you have officially Escaped the Mist.

Hope this helps.

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    • profile image

      bghjgf 3 years ago

      the code don't work

    • penningl profile image

      penningl 6 years ago from U.S.

      You have to use the good light bulb on the burnt out light bulb in the dark room. There are three or so different light bulbs lying around. Make sure you're using the right one.

    • profile image

      Rebeckah. 6 years ago

      I can't get the lights on in the dark room.