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Etch a Sketch child toys

Updated on May 5, 2016

Etch a Sketch

Don't bother if they change the picture they are mean and try to discredit me and my life so the picture could look like something else on your screen through your totally you projections of thought and learned knowledge, we all see different things. Not to laugh yet the toy was in the 1970-1980's sometimes in a reference range. I hope you all know how much this welcome home party has been for my beliefs to be made real and for yours to be the walk you walk for seeing it real is a blessing, that my life was blessed as well was thrice blessed in the other meaning and you on the Eighth plane would find it interesting, to idiom a Minnesota phrase.

Many a fundamentalist is only as fun as the lies they built them on and then it is not any fun for the sapiens and book worms, nerds and geeks would know. Strange that it is a label to call them that for many were just quiet and never to loud, just words some may understand in the Etch a Sketch Circles. Hey my sister told me "They are not like that." Not related to the doodle sketches just a reference range between an outlier and another standard deviation, not my sister just a confusion of worded words sentenced together in my manner and style of written words.

That you are the sketch in an skit of life is the codes that scripts started long before the creation of your cells were in making for that ancient art was everywhere once and you may be brought home from spirit dance one day to whisper the codes there in a birth that could see us little once again in the fields, of the orphanage of life's nature, chaos. It was by chance I had said that I was born in the divided work of nature in the home womb I was born and to be here it was sketched as well, then know you may be walking another through on the sides we four walk, three in the spirit and all on the floor of the sketch pads of doodling homes. To been again, and be once or twice and three times more than the weight of lonely planets.

Save that you would remember that conjoined knowledge in all the forms, say that was once the fallen to unity breed the mud to whole home again. You should be as you were to be and that is you yourself and I as I am in the you you see myself as, I know. Seek that in your wisdom or wisdom that you carry for you as you are hold truths that the most educated lacks and oversees as not important, that a dirt farmer in flesh would pedal such a flower of life, as three would held them high in esteem and break them to save them three. To know the curves and the balls thrown at the life in the meaning not more than sexual yet marriage of three to many be more. Race cars, whirling around the tracks.

She that had been in that she would see that in nature to sketch is best in the hands of nature, that you all are nature your sketch then is your nature and that to an entire world be vast and many. To walk in the light of all nature is to see the 1238321 sketched and in just numbers of man, none would see them in the mud, save for the actor who decides what part of planet life becomes part you as pieces and then whole one day to whole a new life, as the togethered pieces of another. To judge an act of nature is to call nature a bastard of god that Sun sent to land, and then disgrace your homes in flesh and in life all things, that fall rise, that rise fall and the sink, sink.

Or drain, and clog, and flow to the sea of the many houses that nature made, to have damned it to a curse a blessing to learn and them that lay down make the foundations of the spirit will lift to heights never known, that was the gift to have been cursed and damned, so nature could see it self as infancy grow and live in organism then to fall silent in and then the others their work for their others in nature would do, and all in the chorus, I sing for nature made all and reflected to the creations all made and all in the whole of life. To be erased on life and life and then lifted is the Everlasting joy of the Eighth joy of a fallen father on a planet. Then know it is shards of life sent in exploded houses. That some feared death was the total eclipse of life in organism and must be, that death is a suffering of music and love. Had they not even studied, nor practiced on the Etch a sketch?


early Mandalas for Buddhist traditions in the West, that they were used to make and destroy art for children was the blended lines that was and seen once in the sharing pools of memory. Had they not ever seen nor read of it, then it is memory thought
early Mandalas for Buddhist traditions in the West, that they were used to make and destroy art for children was the blended lines that was and seen once in the sharing pools of memory. Had they not ever seen nor read of it, then it is memory thought | Source

Mandalas In sand boxes for hand held users

That the toy was sold in stores for children was a sign that many would use to work on the floors with straws and other manner of devices to drop colored sand in the patterned designs. That monks needed concentration to do the tedious and meditative work and that then children carried and held them to drop and erase the same work was beauty shared.

Many a toy in the arcade was like that, the coins stopped and needed more quarters to build the entire game all over again from the point that you stopped playing. It was once that a cursed heart to sit and destroy what was not destroyed to be the cause of a whole new not to issue yet to fall again in the seeds of man. It was a lone planet and walk once that all would fall to seeds in the ground once a workshop and camp was based in non-judgment and see that the game is rarely destroyed for a child picks up the Etch a sketch when the sand is walked through, and the cycle continues unseen by the human many eyes.

That a life to bare a new would sit in the ages to wait like the sketches to be born and fall like the sliding of the feet or of the hands, then know no child was a Buddha until they saw the Budhha as child and stole his imagination and bore him sit in this and that thing of the tempo of the elders. That they knew the tradition songs of all the time made and longing faces to save my world, then they parade like sand drops before the temple or rhythm tempo real of the life and no statue to great to fill the midnight illusion life of ancient lived lives and be a man for the sake of life.

That the song in reference was that the house of many branches needs to prune some leaves and shake the Mandala and see the truth that judges often are forgotten in the robes they wear, and the world of secrets and made magic is lost in the hands if none see the beauty and to the point of doing, just do. Not a commandment to be or just walk to see and live in the lives that fortune finds you and those houses are many and must be the houses that hands had given or often they would not be.

Some sketch act right now that I could just erase it with a "send" and it is someone else's mind now, that it is read is the key and that they hear the sound is the infection to the core of costs of making sand castles on the floor and no one to see or castles on the Etch a sketch and dropping it before you show your parents. Ever play a game and then get to level 43 and have the power go off? That that is life as well is how nature coded many things, not to play at nature yet it does it's work well on the branches it made.

Often when you try and save an Etch a Sketch doodle you are so proud and want so desperate to save that religion in art that you defy some basic rights, you don't start a new one and long for a second Etch a Sketch pad so you can leave the one perfectly still in time. Until you are told you can not have a new one "Use the old one." Counter transference, not to through that in there yet it is not always your choice, you get dealt hands sometimes and nature took the entire core and before of creation to create it and if you live the life you live then you lived creation.

What would I judge your perfect work on a sketch pad with, my mind and thinking as a child or a parent? You did perfect and would have thought you thoughtful just to show me, a parent and a teacher's student pupil in the not scholarly way. Worldly in my beliefs that work is work and some are there for their work in doodling on the Etch a Sketch. Would you take the sand away from the beach to shame the bathers? Such as it is there are some who would see their own life be a prayer rug to hell other than be a life of inevitable changes in many things. Prayer away though ask next time "Where did all the sand go?" Or don't, the weight of it may be the issues.

Have fun in the desert of minds on the Sketch a Etch doodle, I mean Etch a Sketch doodle, even when it was the computer and Google, for I do not use mine except in common places for slotted times and minutes free, except to tax payers and God knows we love to educate at the Library. Would you see all education and all literature, all communication be erased like a Mandala to shame your face for fear mother in the mountain would see her shame in birth of a thing, like a judgment on her own creation. No bother all creation is an Etch a Sketch, except some you send without the need for visual and other communication in nature, just a doodle pad really and mine is a thought to think of all you in it.

I had loved so much it blinded my heart to my truth in knowledge, to be that it is not blindness nor vanity it is nature and all this matter is nature, it longed to create the laws to hold itself in physical life so that it would not be forgotten. Such that they would damn and be on footed ground was the trap and learning curves. Blessed is my life in the sketches of sitcoms all that psychology of trapped minds, to their learning and not creation in childhood. Fly high fair ones for what was stolen in childhood would be seen in the hands of life, cycles until the being is ready to flight as a united front and force the nation to truths.


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