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MMO - Eve Online's New Expansion - Guide to Updates

Updated on August 14, 2016

A Little Info Before We Begin

Eve Online is a Real Time Strategy Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game. It takes place over 7,500 star systems. You jump from one star system to the other in your custom ship through “Stargates”. This game is largely based around the real time strategy training system. In this system you must train skills to operate different ships, modifications, arrays, and other equipment. The training of skills takes real time to accomplish, and you can use these skills to make it as a miner, trader or warrior, among other things. Released in May of 2003, the game has been swapped around through many different providers and has released many different expansions to come to its current 400,000 player base.

On May 22nd the 17th and current expansion, Inferno, was released. This expansion brought around many great and wonderful additions with it. The modifications include: Missiles and launchers, a graphics update, update to the war declaration system, kill reports, mercenary marketplace, factional warfare, a unified inventory, character creator and the effects bar.


Part 1 - Small But Drastic Changes

The very first thing you will notice once you open up the game is the immensely improved graphics. The new improved graphics lowers your system requirements, allowing more people to get on and enjoy this beautiful game. Now tons of people can enjoy the majestically haunting beauty of a shimmering wormhole, or the equally haunting beauty of an enemies Titan as it blows you to pieces (which will also be hauntingly beautiful).

One of the first updates you will notice once you actually enter the game, in my opinion, is the unified inventory. Before you would have three windows open – one for your inventory in the station you were in, one for your spaceships inventory, and one for your spaceships drone bay inventory – but now that is all included in one amazing new window. You can now access all of your ships in all of your stations all over the galaxy in one window. In that same window you can view your items in all of those stations and in all of those ships.

If you’re just entering into this new game one of the first things you will experience is the unique character creation system. Though I have not been able to test this specific upgrade because of my lack of need to create a new character, I am still told that major upgrades have been done to it. Express your uniqueness through this improved system! They added 14 new skin colors.

Once you enter battle you will notice the new effects bar and the notifications that it will now stream to you on the status of your ship. This will allow you to react quicker to what modules you need to activate or when you need to flee the battle. The Effects Bar will show you what is going on with your ship every moment of your gameplay.

If you decide to venture down the path of missiles, like I have, then you will notice the effective beauty of missiles, as well as the immense upgrade they have received. No longer are the days where firing missiles is ugly and boring. Now when you fire missiles you feel as if they are actually doing something, and trust me if you use them right it will show. There are no words I can use to describe the upgrades they have received. You must see them in action for yourself.

Missiles - Eve Online Inferno


Part 2 - War

In Faction Warfare they are now rewarding you for killing other people. Not only will you be able to pick up the loot from their wreckage, now you will get paid loyalty points. They are also balancing out the fighting system a little to help new people once they join. No longer are the days where a frigate is a useless piece of junk. Now even your frigate will be able to help in war. Along with this; Miners, Industrialists, and Merchants will now gain a market “ripe” for frenzy and fortune. Along with this we will now see “War Reports”. The reports will document your progress in war and kill reports will give you details on your wins. You will have a streamlined presentation that lets you see all of your top-level information quickly. You will also be able to call in allies to fight beside you.

The War Declaration system also received a minor upgrade. They first fixed War Shielding and War Shedding. War Shielding is when you have other corporations declare war on you to prevent other corporations from declaring war because of the increase price to declare war. War Shredding is when you leave a corp as soon as war is declared on it to shield your high-sec POSs. Now when a corp declares war they are not charged based on how many wars the person currently is in but based on how many people are in the corp. Also wars follow you; you can’t join a corp until a war you declared is over. Wars now have a weekly cycle as well, so at the end of each week the aggressor chooses whether to end the war or spend more money continuing the war. Defending corps in a war can now call other corps to join an alliance with them against their aggressor.

Don’t feel like living in the frontlines, doing battle beside all the people that waste pointless money in PvP? Now you can step into the shadows and access the Mercenary Marketplace, allowing you to match what you desire and what you own with another person’s abilities. It is time to live your life as the Godfather.

One small thing that has also been added is an addition to modules. 16 new modules have been added that make the preparation phase even more dynamic. Each of these modules has a potential counter-fit module.

The User Interface

Some of the last things that have been modified all have to do with the “User Interface” (UI). One of the most amazing things the added is with blueprints. Now you can drag and drop a blueprint over to the quickbar while holding shift, then pick the job type and a folder is created that contains all the stuff you need for that job with the blueprint. If some of the things in the folder happen to be non-market items they will be grayed out to signify this.

There are now more Deadspace Complexes throughout the universe. There will be complexes in every sec now. Also Rogue Drones will have bounties on their heads.

You now have a higher character limit in your mail.

They added a new checkbox in the settings tab and you can now see which orders are yours in the “details” tab.

Control + C copies things in from your table now.


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