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Eve Races - Which Eve Race Is Best Overall?

Updated on April 20, 2010

Eve Online Race Selection in the Old Days

In the old days, Eve races varied quite a lot at creation. Your starting skills and statistics were largely dependent on your choice of Eve race, bloodline and ancestry. This was a big hurdle for new players, as they could not really know yet what options would suit them best at creation. Players who browsed the internet for information, or had friends already playing, often opted for the Caldari Achura Stargazers. I was one of them.

There were two reasons for this choice:

  1. You could make a character with low charisma, which meant more points were left for the other statistics. As you will be training less skills that depend on charisma than on other stats for a general purpose character, this can be quite useful. And back then, you could not change your statistics after character creation.
  2. A lot of people consider Caldari missile boats the best for running missions (pve).

But those were the old days. Character creation has changed.

So What is the Best Race in Eve Online Now?

Nowadays character creation is much easier. You no longer need to worry as much about the consequences of Eve Online race selection. All characters start out with the same statistics. And when you start out you have the option to change those statistics twice. This is called a neural remap. And even when you use both remaps, another one will become available after one year.

So if statistics are no longer a reason to pick one race over the other, what is? Well.. You have the general history and looks of a certain race that might or might not appeal to you. But those considerations will be more important to a roleplaying character, than to someone who is looking for the best. Just looking at gameplay, there are two differences:

  1. You will start out with a race specific frigate and some very basic skills to match. This by no means limits you, since you can cross train in Eve Online. My main character for example (the caldari achura I talked about earlier) can fly both caldari ships and (shield tanked) gallente ships very well. So you can train and fly whatever ship you like, just keep in mind that while cross training ads a lot of flexibility, it also takes time. This is time not spent specializing in one particular skill tree, and therefore only recommended when you consider your character "good enough" at the important skill trees already. Or alternatively, you could switch the race specific training immediately. The skills you start out with only add up to a couple of hours of training time, so there is not much lost if you do so.
  2. Each race will start out in a different area of space. When you do the tutorial, you will get some initial standing for the faction and corporation in your area. Just like point 1, this does not mean you are stuck there. You can just fly over to some other place and start running missions there. It just gives you a small headstart.

Eve Race Ships - What are the Best Ones?

Since ships are the most important difference between races in Eve Online, I will give a quick overview of some general characteristics. I will be adding more detailed information about Eve race specific ships to my website, so feel free to check that out regularly.


  • Missile boats: use no capacitor to fire and can hit from a long distance.
  • Strong shields: allowing you to build a very strong passive shield tank with the right training. Passive shield tanks are the only vessels capable of tanking the harsh level 5 missions that drain your capacitor quickly.
  • Generally considered good for pve (missions), but less powerful in pve (player versus player).
  • Biggest cargohold freighter for us real carebear industrialists and traders.


  • Best drone boats in the game. Very useful if you fancy doing missions more or less afk, since those drones will take care of the killing for you. Drones are very versatile, since they can jam, repair shields or armor, target paint and of course just kill stuff.
  • Good gun skills
  • Good armor tanks, though some ships (exceptions) can be shield tanked nicely as well.
  • Generally considered good and versatile in pvp.
  • Largest cargohold tier one hauling ship (Iteron V) for your mining needs.


  • Specialized in lasers, which take no ammo. They do require quite a bit of cap however.
  • Very strong armor tank
  • Amarr ships have a nicely sized capacitator to support both lasers and armor repairs. But when they get drained of cap, that can be a weakness too since both their offense and defense depend on it.


  • Use guns that don't use cap
  • Can shield tank or armor tank
  • Good at electronic warfare
  • Generally the fastest ships
  • Quick to train ore hauler with a good sized cargohold (Mammoth)
  • Gets better when your character gets more experienced and has more skillpoints

Best Eve Race Overall - Conclusion

There is no best Eve race, as you can always cross train when you see a ship you like. There is a difference in the types of ships belonging to a certain race, but each race has its pros and cons. It is all a matter of preference and playing style. And that is actually the coolest part of Eve Online to me: no fixed skill trees depending on race and profession. You make your own destiny!


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