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Evergleam Hill Adventures in Austin, Texas

Updated on June 23, 2019
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Hello! My passions are cryptocurrency, consciousness and cats. I am new to publishing online.

My experience traveling to Austin, Texas to go to the Future Frontiers innovative space, consciousness and mindfulness gathering.

During my trip to sunny and beautiful Austin, Texas, I travelled to attend Future Frontiers and learned a lot. I would like to share with you what I carried out of this gathering of leaders in innovation from many emerging and existing industries.

Future Frontiers was all about innovation, the universe and consciousness.

It was fascinating to learn about Space. Humanity is closer than ever to being able to live off planet Earth. Irina S Litchfield, Meagan Crawford, and Rick Tumlinson spoke on a panel about the challenges of space settlement as well as new opportunities that it will bring. I learned a lot about the progress of the Space industry. And was amazed to hear that there is a huge demand for people to work in this new Space sector.

My company founder, Irina S. Litchfield, discussed Cause Specific Offering (CSO) and Cause Specific Tokens (CST). This type of offering dramatically shrinks the roles of multilayered intermediaries in non-profit organizations. It was especially exciting to see it mentioned on stage for the first time ever. Irina has been working on this for the last two years.

I will share more with you in the coming months.

I also was impressed with the development of the gaming industry and constant discussions about the gamification of everything. It is great to see how much innovation is being put into new gaming experiences. All of these gaming discussions reminded me of Evergleam; I have been spending my leisure time playing it lately.

In Evergleam Hill, you wake up and jump out of your bed. Every day you are gifted with a free round of fishing where you can catch “non-fish fish.” You can dress up your character, travel to different adventure lands and mine for gold. Explore and run around the town and shops. It is both fun and rewarding.

I had an opportunity to share this game with people who travelled to the event from all over the world. Their reaction was inspiring. People were very enthusiastic about the chance to play Evergleam Hill. Being able to run around a virtual dream world with the opportunity to win real prizes is exhilarating, especially when one of them is crypto token HOT.

Evergleam Hill was created by HotNow. I believe that their team would have fit in perfectly because of how innovative the game they have created is. Evergleam has awesome graphics, unique incentive structure and is run on blockchain technology.

It was so lovely to be able to support the use of blockchain technology and crypto. People were intrigued when hearing that Evergleam Hill was powered by the Stellar blockchain. The HotNow team is the first to create this innovation. In Evergleam Hill, you can cash in your winnings for HotTokens. I just hit a new all-time high with the amount of gold my character has collected.

It is gratifying to be able to use this game as an example of existing blockchain application in a non-blockchain industry. I was at Future Frontiers on a business trip. As a Junior Partner of BlockchainCubed (BC3), my goal was to connect with leading innovators in other technologies and bridge them with quality and values in mind.

Today, I am flying back to New York. How lucky am I to have had the opportunity to come to Austin, to connect with awesome people, share my passion for the blockchain industry on behalf of BC3.

I am hoping that there is Wi-Fi on the plane. Then I can play Evergleam, and my flight will go by in a flash. Until next time, happy digging everyone!



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