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Websites that Every Gamer Should Know About

Updated on July 4, 2012


It's always a relaxing feeling when its that time of the day to go hunting for the latest story. Every gamer needs a news site, right? If you don't periodically check gaming news, that's cool, but it feels good for some reason. Anyways, it won't be hard to find a site that suits your taste. Many different sites are out there. In fact, I would say the web is flooded with them. I enjoy GameInformer the most for its speedy updates and overall simplicity.

My top 3:

1) GameInformer

2) GameTrailers

3) IGN

Favorite gaming news/preview/reviews outlet?

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To see weekly or total game sales by country, by console, by God, there's only one place to go - It's always interesting to see who's ahead of the game.

Total Console sales globally (aka Nintendo sells a lot of hardware) --->

Below, face the ultimate game sales challenge (not really).


Have you ever thought about getting a PC game but decided not to because you weren't sure if your computer could handle it? This happened to me all the time, that is, until I found this website. Can You Run It allows you to search for a PC game and test to see if your computer meets Minimum and/or Recommended requirements. I like seeing how much my laptop fails at games like Skyrim and Diablo III. This website is definitely a bookmarker for any PC gamer who is lazy to research specs.


Cheap Ass Gamer is an okay website- kind of hard to understand, but one thing that I use it for all the time is it's TRADE-IN PAGE. The trade-in page allows you to look up current trade-in values at GameStop and Blockbuster. It's usually very accurate, and it's quite handy. I don't have to worry about getting only $2 for a game that I would rather keep. Now, you don't either! If you're a collector that doesn't ever trade in your games, you won't find much use from the Trade-In page. But if you're someone like me who doesn't mind ridding of old dusty games, it's a great tool to have.


If you think you got skills in a certain game, it might be time for you to enter a whole new element of gaming - GameBattles. In all my experience of video games, there's nothing quite like it. GameBattles allows the user to create teams, rank up in seasons and tournaments, and face the toughest players around. The matches played in GameBattles stand out from regular matches online. Video game memories are created. Never will I forget my first gb game 4 years ago in Halo 3. It's like you're entering the big leagues. And the best part about it all: It's FREE. I'd recommend GameBattles to anyone looking for competition, it will make your gaming time feel more important.


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    • harliquinn profile image

      harliquinn 5 years ago

      Really liked this. I've been big on console and handheld, but I've been getting more into PC gaming lately and you listed some things that are definitely going to be useful. Great hub.

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 5 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Nice list and very helpful to new computer gamers. Everyone with below top notch systems should check out "Can You Run It" to make sure that before they buy the games they can play them (or upgrade what is needed/buy a new system). It sounds funny saying it like that but many people don't believe someone would go buy a whole new computer to play the newest game!