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Everything About Fifa Online

Updated on June 20, 2010

Why Play Fifa Online


Basically, if anyone doesn't know what's Fifa Online about, it is actually a free soccer game online that is available to most of the countries. From the buying and selling of players to the extend of building your own dream soccer team, there's so much to discover from this great game! Start Playing it Now!

Why Play Fifa Online

Unlike most of the other soccer games, they don't need give users a chance to challenge other players who are playing the same game. However, Fifa Online enhance user's experience by giving users a chance to challenge other players rather than just playing against those CPU players. This game also provides one with other exciting features such as the use of 'Uniform Card', complimentary gift card after every successful match that you play(be it win or loss), and stimulation challenges.


In Fifa Online 2, the credits that we use in the game is called LP. LP is simply the credits that we use to purchase items and pay the player's salary. There are many items that can boost a player's attributes such as his speed, defense, and goalkeeping skills. However, only some of the items are being able to purchased through LP, such as medication aid and player's energy drink etc. Whereas the rest have to be purchased through cash, those items are not necessary, but they can give a boost and add more to your gaming experience.


Fifa Online is always being updated regularly, thus it will not be like most of the other soccer games, whereby the team that one use is always stuck with the old players and at the old season. Buy players from all over the world in the auction market, and create your own dream team with the likes of players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo to Nemanja Vidic etc.

Uniform Card

What actually are uniform cards? This unique feature is what makes Fifa Online much different from other soccer games. Let's see what could you do with Uniform Cards.
-Recycle uniform cards that are of no use to you(6 useless cards for 1)
-One could also recycle their useless uniform cards into more powerful uniform cards into certain league/colour cards with a little bit of LP.
-Enhance uniform cards by combining 2 of the same cards together with a small fee to make the player more powerful in terms of attributes.
-Bingo card to allow you to collect all the uniform cards required in it to obtain a mystery prize.

World Cup Mode

With the current World Cup trend all over the world, Fifa Online 2 brings users a Fifa world cup mode, to allow them to choose to player against engine or players mode. Choose your favourite country and fight all the way to the World Cup , you may stand a chance to win points and many attractive prizes!


With this much of explanation, I believe it would help you have a much better understanding of the game itself, of course you will never know what i am really talking about unless you experience it yourself. The above listed features is more than enough to get you started on playing this game if you love playing soccer games!


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      LAZY 5 years ago


    • Rockstarhobbo profile image

      Rockstarhobbo 7 years ago

      Website Examiner : Thanks for that ! I will continue to publish more great quality hubs surely!

      Mrpopo: It's a GREAT game that you cannot miss out especially if you're a soccer fan. Hope you will play it soon!

    • mrpopo profile image

      mrpopo 7 years ago from Canada

      Wow I never heard of this game! I love soccer, I'm gonna check this out! Thanks for the great Hub :)

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 7 years ago

      Congratulations on your first hub! It is well-writen and well researched, interesting and smooth presentation of an original subject.