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Easter Eggs in "Silent Hill"

Updated on September 16, 2017

Silent Hill Backstory:

Silent Hill
Silent Hill | Source

After a horrible accident, Harry Mason searches for his daughter on the streets of Silent Hill. During the search, he stumbles across Silent Hills buried secrets, a cult and his daughter's connection to the nightmarish town.

It is up to Harry to save his daughter from this nightmare, before its too late.

The game has multiple endings, all of which depends on how you choice to play the game.

So each time you play Silent Hill, its possible you might never get the same ending twice.

Interesting Facts:

Silent Hill: Harry and Cybil
Silent Hill: Harry and Cybil

A Real Town....

Well sort of.

Silent Hill was inspired by Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Centralia, Pennsylvania
Centralia, Pennsylvania | Source

Classified now as a ghost town, when residents were forced to abandon their homes, due to an underground coal fire, that started in 1962.

That fire still burns today.

Despite the warnings that the town is dangerous, and people should stay out. Centralia gets many tourists a year. Mostly due to this popular video game.

The foggy streets of Silent Hill
The foggy streets of Silent Hill

Although, based on Centralia, the eerie fog that lingers over Silent Hill has a second purpose.

It was placed in the game to hide badly designed graphics for the game. It's an element that remained in the game, after graphics became better, as it is one of the things that make the game, scary in nature.

It certainly is part of the nightmare, and helps complete this game and make it as frightening as possible.

Old Silent Hill
Old Silent Hill

Many of the streets found in Silent Hill, are shoutout's to the horror Genre.

Either listing authors or names connected to horror stories.

Nearly every street name, building, park and cementary has some connection to the Horror genre in some aspect.

These were easter eggs placed on purpose, the streets make up the horror town perfectly. Making it easy to slip intpo that scary feel it gives as you play.

Hidden Easter Eggs

The Keys

Early in the game you must find three keys to progress to the school.

The Key's names are, Key of Woodman, Key of Scarecrow, Key of Lion.

Sound familiar?

That is because this puzzle is actually a shoutout to The Wizard of Oz

Stephen King

Not only is there a street reference to the king of horror. "Bachman" But there are actually a few things pointing toward Stephen King.

How do you find these easter eggs?

Once you've done the school, and get the Gordon Key, you'll go through the Gordon House. As you look for the church, you run up Bloch St. If you run up the north side and examine the garage doors closely, you will stumble upon a door that reads: REDRUM. Giving reference to the movie The Shining.

This could also be given as a hint to Norman's Motel which would be coming up fairly soon after.

Another reference to Stephen King can be found in the alternate Silent Hill. After leaving the Antique Shop, If you run across the street, you will find movie posters for Carrie.

Kid In The School

The first Kid you stumble upon in the school is a bit different than the others.

If you wait until he is in your sight, walk out the door you came in.

Walk back in and back out a second time.

When you enter the third time kill the kid, and the blood will splatter and say: Mizuno.

This is the last name of one of the game designers.

Silence of the Lambs/Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Bill

Every Newspaper found in Silent Hill lists the headline: Bill Skins Fifth. This is a direct reference to Silence of the Lambs. It might also give a time frame for when everything went bad in Silent Hill.

In Truth

Everywhere you turn in Silent Hill, is connected to some story that is connected to the horror genre. Whether it's Norman's Motel, Koontz St. or Bradbury St.

Even Mushnicks Florist which even gives reference to Audrey Jr.

So, when playing Silent Hill, keep your eyes peeled.

You never know when you might come across, a shout out to a classic horror piece.

It is even fun watching out for these small hints to all our horror favorites.

What is your favorite Silent Hill game?

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    • Clara Cook profile image

      Clara Cook 7 months ago from New Brunswick, Canada

      You're welcome, it's mine too :)

    • Joey Paranormal profile image

      Joey Paranormal 7 months ago

      Thank you for this awesome hub! Silent Hill is my favorite game and my favorite game series. Now, I will have to dig it out and play it again lol.